How sports injuries lead to discovering new talents

It’s safe to say that every sportsman’s worst nightmare is getting an injury mid-season and having to sit out while their team mates continue to train and play. In some cases, sports injuries last only a few weeks, but ripped tendons and broken bones can take months to fully recover from.

In some cases, people who suffer injuries often discover their talents and passions for other things they would not have tried or had time to try before. Take Roberto Romanello for instance. He was a passionate sportsman who one day suffered a bad sporting injury. He was unable to play for three months, which to any sportsman sounds terrible, but it was actually the best thing to happen to him. Since he couldn’t play, he spent his time watching the World Poker Tour on TV and discovered how fun playing poker on sites like was. Within his first two months of playing he had won a World Poker Tour prize package In 2005 he turned professional and since then has won a staggering $2,500,000.

Roberto Romanello

After that, Romanello played in his local casino before travelling to Las Vegas in 2006 for his first WSOP Main Event. He ended up finishing 312th and taking home almost $40,000.

Romanello went on to even more success; he won the European Poker Tour in December 2010 and walked away with €640,000.

From an injured sports-fanatic, Romanello has in fact become one of the most successful Welsh poker players in the world. On the Wales All Time Money List, he comes it at number 2.

This just goes to show that any sportsman, from America to France, could be harbouring poker talents. France has been the homeland of the major legendary sports figures People from all over the world flock to the countries most outstanding stadiums such as the Parc des Princes, Stade de France, Stade Louis 2 and Stade Velodrome to watch live games.

The World Poker Tour visits countries all over the world, from Las Vegas to France. Not many people actually realise that France is actually home to some exquisite casino hotels. The Aviation Club de France has hosted the WPT in the past and has been visited by many top poker players. Much of France’s revenue actually comes from their slot machines – some casinos have rooms totally dedicated to slot machines. France is also thought to be the birthplace of Roulette.

Parc des princes

There have been many famous French sports people who have experienced injuries but have not tried their luck at poker, or any other activity. Take Mary Pierce for example; she was an outstanding tennis player who in 1995 won the Australian Open. At various times she was ranked the third best woman tennis player on the world. However, recently she’s had to retire due to serious ligament injuries.

Zinedine Zidane – probably France’s most illustrious soccer player – led France to a spectacular victory in the World Cup. However, due to a serious injury in 2002, he was unable to play in two games and had to sit out of many games.