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You Want To Know What Seattle vs Portland Is Like?

The Premiere Rivalry In North American Soccer

The only record that matters this week is going 1-0

There is noting better to help move past a loss, than Seattle vs Portland. For many Seattle Sounders fans, they get to go to one match or a few matches a year, and for whatever the reason are unable to attend one of the top 5 sporting rivalries in the United States. There is ” A feeling deeper than Hate” between the two clubs. It extends to the fans as well. Everything is different this week, the records get thrown out the window, because the only record which matters this week, is going 1-0.

Brian Stern

Brian Stern –

This week hundreds if not thousands of fans will load up in planes, trains, and automobiles, to being their pilgrimage to the greatest rivalry in MLS. It is a rivalry which stretches not only to the stands but to the boardrooms as well. When it is Seattle vs Portland, this is a 10 round, no-holds-bar, knock down drag out fight.

Everything is Bigger

Everything, is bigger. During a normal March to the Match will include up to 1,000 people on a match day, depending on the time of year, weather, and importance of the game. Seattle vs Portland, 1,000 fans won’t cut it. Neither will 2,000, or 3,000…how does 5,000 screaming, drunk, and incensed fans sound?

The Sounders are known for their ever traveling fans who seem to be at every port of call regardless of distance. When the Seattle’s  destination is Portland, the numbers go from 50-100 fans, to 20 buses and 2,000 fans.

The Emerald City Supporters (ECS) are known the world round for their stunning Tifo displays within the confines of Century Link Field, but when it comes to #PortlandWeek, the size and scope of their tifo’s sky rocket.


Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The Stadiums Provide A Once In A Lifetime Atmosphere.

Although the stadium is smaller, the crowd is on top of the field, and provides a unique venue in Portland. This is what a Timbers goal sounds and looks like.

There is then the proper way to celebrate, with 50,000+ of your closest Seattle Sounders friends, there is no comparison. While Jeld-Wen Field is a small and close community, Century Link Field provides a massive and daunting challenge to those who enter the confinese


Make no mistake, this game matters.

Brian Stern -

Brian Stern –


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