Josh Atencio: "Ruidiaz is hungry and he's going to look to score some goals"

Seattle Sounders midfield talked to media after this Wednesday's practice at Sounders Training Center.

Interview: Josh Atencio on facing Philadelphia Union
Interview: Josh Atencio on facing Philadelphia Union / Seattle Sounders FC

Josh Atencio, the young midfielder for Seattle Sounders, gave an interview about the team's next match with the Philadelphia Union. The interview touched on various topics, such as how the team is coping with two bad results, how they are getting ready for the Philadelphia match, and what Atencio thinks of some of his teammates.

Atencio talked about the team's mindset after last two games. He told fans that the team is still optimistic and eager for their next match. He admitted that the Philadelphia Union will be a difficult opponent, but stresses that the team has been working hard to analyze them and get ready for the game.

"We're going to have a tough game ahead of us. They are a good team."

Josh Atencio

Atencio discussed some key aspects of their game plan when asked. He pointed out that transition play is crucial for the Sounders. He said that they need to use their speed to launch a successful counterattack. He also underlined the importance of a solid defense. He thinks that keeping clean sheets will help them get positive results.

"We need to take advantage of opportunities we can get on the counterattack."

Josh Atencio

Atencio then talked about his teammate, Raul Ruidiaz. He commended Ruidiaz's dedication, saying that he has been a key player from the start of pre-season. He also emphasized Ruidiaz's role as a mentor for the team's younger players.

Atencio talked about his midfield partnership with Obed Vargas in the interview. He said he is happy with their increasing rapport and stressed that their communication and knowledge of each other's playing styles are getting better every week. Atencio also recognizes the strength of the Sounders' midfield, naming Cristian Roldan, Danny Leyva, and even Danny Musovki as all able to play the number 10 role.

This interview revealed the mindset and readiness of the Seattle Sounders for their upcoming match. Atencio's remarks on the team's emphasis on transition play, defensive strength, and the beneficial impact of Raul Ruidiaz give a hint of the tactics that the Sounders may use against the Philadelphia Union. In addition, his opinions on his midfield collaboration with OBed Vargas and the variety within the team will definitely appeal to Sounders fans everywhere.

Seattle is currently at 11th place in the Western Conference. On Saturday, March 9th, at 4:30 PM (PT), the Sounders will face the Philadelphia Union. The game will be held at the Subaru Park stadium in Chester, PA

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