Obed Vargas: 'Obviously you want to play every game, but there's good players on the team'

The young midfielder was interviewed after today's Seattle Sounders practice session.

Interview: Obed Vargas on preparing for the 2024 season
Interview: Obed Vargas on preparing for the 2024 season / Seattle Sounders FC

Obed Vargas, the young midfielder for Seattle Sounders, is eager for the new season to start. He had few opportunities to play last year, so he is showing his skills and determination in the preseason. He is ready to face any challenge that comes his way.

Vargas, Leyva and Atencio are all midfielders who grew up in the academy. They have a strong bond that helps them improve their skills. They challenge each other for the same position on the field, but they remain supportive friends off the field.

From the experienced players, Vargas is soaking up knowledge. Pedro de la Vega' energy and ability to disrupt defenses leave him in awe, while Raul Ruidiaz's shooting precision is meticulously studied. This hunger to learn from various sources fuels his growth.

Vargas is not driven by competition. He emphasizes how the team can separate their on-field rivalry from their off-field friendship. They cheer for each other's improvement and celebrate each other's achievements. This is how they succeed together as a group.

Last season, Vargas played 27 times, starting 16 games and clocking up over 1500 minutes. He provided an assist in the 4-1 defeat to Portland in the MLS regular season. He competed with Josh Atencio for the role of João Paulo's midfield partner, but Atencio eventually secured his place in the starting line-up.

Obed Vargas exudes the enthusiasm and dedication of a player ready to breakout. His collaborative spirit, learning attitude, and undeniable talent paint a promising picture for the 2024 season. Watch out, he's ready to shine!

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