Seattle Sounders: Are Playoffs Still a Possibility?

Seattle Sounders FC v Los Angeles Galaxy
Seattle Sounders FC v Los Angeles Galaxy / Shaun Clark/GettyImages

Heading into the final three game stretch of the season, the Seattle Sounders are now forced to wonder whether they will have to wait until next February to kick off the show once again

The Sounders are now 6 and 7 points separated from the 7th and 8th place spot.

Given that they are still have only played 31 games compared to 32 for everyone else, the Playoffs can't necessarily be considered a long shot.

Help from the teams above us in the standings are a necessity.

Portland, Minnesota, Real Salt Lake, and Vancouver in this order are the teams above them from 6th-9th place and are all actively fighting for a shot in the 2022 playoffs series.

If the Sounders were to tie 7th place with teams like Minnesota, Real Salt Lake, and Vancouver, it is fairly safe to say that they will win the tiebreaker.

And even with Portland, they are only one goal behind in GD which means that Seattle certainly has the edge in that regard, which can be the real difference.

The first next step for the Sounders is to win vs FC Cincinnati. The opposing side currently has a record of 11 wins, 12 draws, and 8 losses. They are fighting to secure a Playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

Head Coach Brian Schmetzer had a say in the matter: “Chances are high if we can win these three games,” he said. “That’s the message."

The final two games will be easier on paper. Sporting KC and San Jose Earthquakes are 12th and last place respectively in the conference.

The chances of this team winning the next three games are slim, but where hope is, motivation in the back of the heads will certainly be there for the players on this squad.

These next three games are a must-win.