Seattle Sounders: 3 takeaways after a devastating loss in Orlando

Real Salt Lake v Seattle Sounders FC
Real Salt Lake v Seattle Sounders FC / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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3) A devastating loss

The Sounders were understandably devastated. Along with other road games in Atlanta and Los Angeles, this meant just one point instead of a possible five after conceding injury time goals.

The loss was the first Seattle has suffered to Orlando in six games. The three goals scored by the home side were also their most in a league game this season. (The only other time Orlando scored three, was in a 5-3 loss to D.C. United.)

The Sounders now find themselves six points out of a playoff spot in the Western Conference. The only potential positive is that four of their final six games will be at home.

Some might argue Seattle was impacted by a two-hour delay to kickoff, due to lightning. However, the home side had to contend with the same issue.

Head coach Brian Schmetzer discussed the disappointment with the media afterwards. He said:

"I won't divulge what was said in the locker room, it's still a determined group. They are emotionally drained. They put a lot of effort into that game. At 2-0, the idea, the objective was to keep that lead for an extended period of time. For five minutes after you score (it's) critical, and they get back into it at 2-1. Okay, we defended too deep, dropped too deep. We can't give away those types of goals, but they kept fighting and working. Then the (penalty kick), the handball from Jordan who was surrounded by four guys. It could be a foul, maybe not a foul. People can talk about that one. Then we try and gut it out. I thought there were some interesting/okay moments of possession in the second half. They obviously spent a lot of energy pushing forward for their winner, and then to give up that last goal was a dagger. There was a guy involved in the play, sure. Was he in an offside position, yeah sure, but breaks just aren't going our way. It's tough, it's really tough, but what I can assure everybody is we'll come back home against Houston and try and start winning some games. "

It's not over yet and if there's one group of players you never bet against, it's the Sounders. However, time is running out fast to extend their proud streak of never missing the playoffs since joining MLS.

Where are you with the Sounders' playoff hopes following the loss in Orlando? Do you still see them qualifying, or do you believe it's now beyond them this year? Let us know in the comments section below.