Stefan Frei: 'It's always difficult to replace someone that has the respect of everybody'

The veteran goalkeeper for the Seattle Sounders FC recently shared his insights on the team's dynamics and outlook for the upcoming season.
Interview: Stefan Frei on leadership amongst the group
Interview: Stefan Frei on leadership amongst the group / Seattle Sounders FC

While acknowledging the absence of influential leader Nico Lodeiro, Frei paints a picture of a balanced squad buzzing with competition and ready to rise to the challenge.

Frei emphasizes the team's newfound balance compared to last year. "Depth all over the pitch" creates healthy competition, pushing each player to their best. This, combined with the cutting-edge training facility, fuels Frei's optimism for the team's ability to handle tough moments.

Nico's leadership void is no small obstacle. Yet, Frei highlights the team's strength in experienced players like Christian Roldan and Jordan Morris, while also mentioning young talents like Danny Leyva who can learn from them. This blend, Frei believes, eases the transition and fosters internal leadership development.

Frei exudes confidence in the team's potential. He sees the current setup as an opportunity for growth and believes they are well-positioned for success. His positivity is contagious, leaving fans excited to see how the Sounders navigate the new season and rise to the challenge.

Want to know more? Watch the full interview for Frei's in-depth analysis and insights into the team's spirit and strategies.

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