My One Sided Conversation–Or Open Letter–With/To Sam Allardyce (West Ham Boss)

Well, Mr. Sam Allardyce, you really know how to screw up a good thing. We send Alonso to come out there, train with your guys and now you’re like…”Oh, we … I guess, may would be able to use him for a bit. If it was on a loan.” Screw you! You’d be hard pressed to find another deep lying midfielder at this point in the season that does ALL, not just one or two, but rather ALL the things that he does.

You want a reunion with Nicolas Anelka to improve the forward situation? Well, it looks like Harry Redknapp is already on that dish so you’re going to look elsewhere. You can smell the stink of desperation perforating a mile away on that one and the two seem made for each other at the moment. You haven’t even a gospel chance at this point in finding anyone better. So what do you do? You go after Jason Puncheon, improve the club a bit? Bull. Liar. You’re a friggin liar.

Just say it. You want Alonso. You invite us for dinner and before the main course is over, you’re already making assumptions about where this night is headed. Look pal this ain’t our first rodeo. If you haven’t noticed we still have Fredy Montero, at least for the moment, and despite what all those Colombians that flood my page on a daily basis say, he isn’t headed anywhere just yet. Before this off-season is over, maybe, I guess we’ll see, but for now we’re not just giving away players. We need some return on investments.

Okay, Sam, you got me… I’m not that angry. It’s just a little pseudo-anger if you will. See I was kind of already expecting that you would try something. But a loan deal? It just feels a little weak. I was expecting you to make a push for a transfer and then valuations came about from papers in England that Alonso was only worth about £1 million and I kind of felt insulted. It’s like going to prom as a Junior expecting to have to give it up and instead it’s just a make out session. What gives? Are we not pretty enough?

Seriously though, speaking to the actually idea of a loan; I don’t really see how it helps the Sounders out to loan Ozzie, who can be argued our best player, for a couple of months while you’re guy gets healthy. I mean, Sammy, we would love to help you out. But what are going to do for us? Pay his monthly salary? Dude, I think it’s obvious that won’t cut it. Alonso is a hard nose player . What happens if–and God help that it doesn’t happen and I have ever person in the world write me death threats–something happens to him? See: Omar Gonzalez‘ left knee.

The problem is we’re not like the Galaxy and just have talent coming out our ears. I mean, we are on the attacking front, but defensive midfielders is a different story. Who do you expect us to use in that scenario? Servando Carrasco? Ha! And they say that Englishmen have no sense of humour.

But seriously.

The Sounders have to get a bit of allocation monies. Alonso just gaining “experience” isn’t enough. This has to be more than that to seriously expose our season to more risk than it already inherently has at this stage.

I understand that players that come back from trials and training stints overseas come back “better” with “more tricks”. But to be honest looking at past situation I’m not entirely sold that it’s a risk I’m wiling to take. I mean how much better, really, is Alonso going to get. He’s already the best defensive midfielder in the American game. I suppose he could be better with the long balls and help provide a little bit of support from a midfield comprised already of Rosales and Tiffert. Maybe he supports Montero a bit more along the ground to set-up runs. I’m not sure. The point is he has some growth still left in his game but at what point do you say he’s already the best at his position we don’t need to risk anything else to get him even better?

Really, I’m honoured that you even asked him to come out. Honestly, not too many people like the idea of the Honey Badger helping their players train. He sort of has a reputation for not really caring. So it was cool to see him out there gaining some “experience”. We’ll see if we can’t work something out, but for now, I gotta tell ya. I’m kind of on the fence of this thing working out.

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