Seattle Sounders: Approach for Juan Dinenno was always going to be a long-shot

CONCACAF Champions League - Final - Leg 2: Pumas UNAM v Seattle Sounders FC
CONCACAF Champions League - Final - Leg 2: Pumas UNAM v Seattle Sounders FC / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Seattle Sounders reportedly inquired about Juan Dinenno, but the reality is it was more about performing their due diligence as opposed to realistically being able to sign the striker.

You can make an argument that the Seattle Sounders roster is essentially set for the upcoming season. However, as you would expect from this organization, they are always striving to be better.

In this respect, an interesting report has emerged, courtesy of Sounder at Heart's Jeremiah Oshan. The report links to UNAM's Juan Dinenno.

As per Oshan, the Sounders apparently inquired about Dinenno, who won last year's CONCACAF Champions League Golden Boot. He scored nine goals in eight games, as he helped UNAM reach the final.

Interest in Dinenno makes perfect sense

As Rave Green supporters are well aware, the Argentinian's scoring spree included both of his team's goals in the two-legged final versus the Sounders. As such, it makes sense that he would be a player of interest.

Dinenno is a natural goalscorer, who was one of just three non-MLS players to be named to the 2022 Champions League Team of the Tournament. He has more than 100 career goals, including 36 during his time with UNAM.

However, the reality is the striker was never going to end up in Seattle, at least not at this time. The main reason for this, relates to the Sounders' current Designated Player situation.

Designated Player conundrum

As things stand, every MLS team is allowed up to three Designated Players on their roster. The Sounders currently have all three slots accounted for, by Nicolas Lodeiro, Raul Ruidiaz and Albert Rusnak.

This is relevant, when considering the wages Dinenno would command. Seattle could have included one of their current Designated Players in any trade package for him, but this was never going to happen.

In the end, the Sounders instead traded for Heber to reinforce their attack. The brazilian has a proven pedigree and should offer a scoring threat off the bench.

In theory, the Rave Green could always follow up on their initial interest in Dinenno at some stage in the future. For what it's worth -- literally -- his current market value is just under $5 million.

Who would you (realistically) like the Seattle Sounders to look at in respect of complementing their current roster? More generally speaking, how confident are you that they will return to the MLS playoffs in 2023? Let us know in the comments section below.