Oct 21, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Sounders FC midfielder Mauro Rosales (10) and midfielder Brad Evans (3) and forward Fredy Montero (17) and forward Eddie Johnson (7) celebrate after Evans scored a goal against the FC Dallas on a penalty kick during the 1st half at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-US PRESSWIRE

Possible Sounder Story Lines Headed Into Friday's First MLS Cup Game

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this but I’m going through a Windows Server class. Yeah, it’s awesome. We get to learn all about clicking and adding things to domains, it’s unbelievable. There are a few of us that have started a little game that gets us through the day. It’s not that you can’t learn anything form this. Hell, it’s windows there are things to learn all the time as they are constantly changing how they want to do things. But, this class is more about documenting what I know. I’m not alone.

We set a spread for a specific event over the course of the day and we of course make small wagers on them. I feel like this is some way applicable to the coming week of possible Sounders story lines.

With the regular season over and the start of our march towards the MLS Cup there are going to be no shortage on MLS stories on the Sounders, especially when you know that they’re going to be bringing a near 50k strong this Friday night. I don’t mean to come across as a boastful self righteous jag-off, but that’s a big deal for this league.

I’m not trying to make the argument that Seattle has the best fans. That’s not the issue. Trying to give the league one of it’s better shots at generating publicity is a point that I’m sure many different authors will pen this coming week. This and many different articles are going to be written over the next week. Let’s go over and try to set a rough median/handicape on the number of articles that will be written.


Jeff Parke and the Sounders defensive back-line.

The fact is the Sounders defensive back line is much better than it’s often given credit. That rightfully stems from our Austrian keeper when he’s healthy. The often over looked portion is Jeff Parke and his hooligan like force. Hurtado is a very capable cog coupled next to him.

The problem is that the Sounders and their midfielder often get caught up in lackadaisical passing and, as has been evident on a few different occasions, ball watching inside the 18 yard box. With Ianni doubtful for Friday, it’s pretty vital that the Sounders  have a competent individual teamed up with Hurtado.

When compared to teams such as Real Salt Lake it’s obvious they aren’t quite on the same level. But that’s not really a knock against them, they are still above average back there just not on the same level.

Over/Under: 2


Sounders and Their Lack Of Post-Season Goals

The early talk right now is all about the lack of goals scored by the Sounders in their outings over the last few years in the playoffs. Right now you have a team that (short of Eddie Johnson, and of course his right hamstring is going to make the list here next) has struggled off and on to score goals and has in general had issues with finishing off dangerous chances.

Both Tiffert and Rosales did their job with giving Montero some very good opportunities, and you certainly have to credit Josh Saunders for denying them, but coming away from that game it’s hard to think that the Sounders really desvered the goose egg that they left behind.

That said it’s going to drive a lot of conversation and in general it’s going to make a few different Sounders fans rather worried about facing a defence that is top notch and going into a tough play to play such as the Rio Tinto.

Over/Under: 4

Eddie Johnson And His (potentially) Strained Right Hamstring

If this isn’t the story leading most MLS news sites I’d be surprised. The comeback, feel good, story of the year cloud has taken up residence in Seattle. Which makes sense with all the rain… right? No, stop being stupid. It doesn’t rain there like it does elsewhere  It’s comfortable  stop complaining.

Back on track. A lot of eyes have been on the Juice since his mangificent return to the USMNT, if they hadn’t already been paying attention to what he’s done already this year. He was turning heads and there was a lot of talk about what Eddie Johnson had to look forward too.

Oh, yeah. Didn’t he have a perpetual injury problem with his hamstrings. DOH!

It’s not as big of an issue as everyone is going to make it. Ochoa is a great physical presence that can help the team out with guys such as Jameson Olave and Estrada has such a great touch and skill to create space and either create dangerous opportunities or finish them off.

We also have no clue what is going on with Eddie Johnsons body. Maybe he comes in and plays on Friday. I doubt that will be the case, but hey, who knows what could happen.

Over/Under: 9


These are just a few that came to mine. I’m sure that the media and other writers are going to pick up on somethings that I missed out here. But what’s important is that the Sounders are in the playoffs and I’m writing again.

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