Oct 21, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Sounders FC forward Fredy Montero (left) and midfielder Brad Evans (middle) and forward Eddie Johnson (right) celebrate after Evans scored a goal against the FC Dallas during the game at CenturyLink Field. Seattle defeated Dallas 3-1. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-US PRESSWIRE

Battle In Seattle: A Few Things To Consider


Statistics are finicky things. The problem with trying to use them within soccer is that they don’t necessarily articulate the value they are being used to attempt to establish. The context from which they are taken are can be lost and other times they are completely twisted to fit the mold for which the individual wishes to use them.

But that being said I think it’s worth it to look at the games RSL and Sounders FC have played this season and kind of compare a few things. Yeah, it could be a bit arbitrary and sure it could be a little slated as I’m a Sounders fan but whatever… this is my show. Get your own fried chicken meal.


Real Salt Lake – 6, Yellow and 0, Red

Sounders FC – 5, Yellow and 1, Red

I think as Sounders fans when we think about the rivalries our club has we automatically start thinking about derbies with the Timbers and Whitecaps. We think about about the LA Galaxy and the various disappointment we’ve experience against them in the playoffs. I know I’ve kind of glanced over the battles that we’ve had over the last 12 months with RSL.

The fact is there are plenty of battles going on over the course of the game and they are getting rougher and rougher. We saw how things got with Zach Scott and regardless of how anyone really feels about how the situation was handled, or Ricardo Salzaar in general, it’s created even more tension between the two teams. It should make for one crazy battle the next week.


Dangerous Chances

Real Salt Lake – 28

Sounders FC – 20

Dangerous chances or scoring opportunities, as Opta references them, are the possible situations in which a team could score a goal. I’m not sure what the ratio is, of chances to goals. But, it’s obvious that they had plenty of play makers doing what they do best.

In an interview with a local news agency Jason Kries mention the amount of scoring chances that both teams have had and just not finished or maybe just experienced bad luck. I was a little skeptical but looking at this you can see that both teams have done what they do best and that’s put the ball on the goal. But let’s look at that a little closer.


Shots On – Off Goal

Real Salt Lake – 11 – 15

Sounders FC – 3 – 19

Okay, first off all my first thought is that RSL has consistently shown the ability to test the Sounders Keepers. It’s pretty amazing that only one goal has been scored with all the shots and all the dangerous chances that have been created by each team (understand that shots and chances are two different things, they can overlap on certain occasions but that doesn’t mean they are the same).

I’m not sold on this set of matches being low scoring. I actually kind of think that there is a distinct possibility that the winning team will need at least 3 goals, if not more, to pass on into the next round. Sure that’s a bit of conjecture, but hey what’s statistics without trying to act like you know what you’re talking about.


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