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Election Night Thought That Is Not About Which Athlete You Would Elect President

I get it, it’s election night and we’re in the business for trying to collect as many hits and clicks and likes and general hooha, as much as possible. But I think it’s generally stupid and with a blog that has a grand 10 hits a day I feel like I’m above it. Suck on that, SB Nation, Sports Nation and any site that is particularly about a nation or sports that is basically not inferior to me. You all, just suck it.

That said I do have an interesting little debate to relive us of any type of political discussion but still inspire an argument. This past weekend I had a conversation with a couple of individuals via Twitter. I had every intention of recounting it and putting together a well versed commentary with my thoughts but a whiskey too many that lead to bad general things and prevented me from really putting together anything coherent for a good 6-10 hours.

Better late then never I suppose.

Sunday afternoon, I posed the legitimate question: “Why were away goals so important to everyone?” This is question seemed to kind of echo in my mind and rattle around the ‘ol cranium for the better part of a couple of days.

There seemed like plenty of discussion about how it needed to be asked of Don Garber if and when he saw fit to bring backs away goals as an determining tie breaker. But, I kept coming back to why? How does this really affect American Soccer? I, of course, got my answer.

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This is amazing feed back by Marc and really it hits the nail on the head for the purpose. It causes the possibility of more goals, and hey, who doesn’t like more goals? Probably some loser in … whatever random offensive country with indistinguishable racially offensive stereotype that you want to think of, that’s probably who. So continue hating on that guy we’ll all continue liking goals. AMERICA!

The problem that I have with that is kind of almost pushes the home team to kind of bunker down. Now if away goals are more valuable, and even if they are just for tie breakers they do become more valuable, don’t you play a more conservative style? Even maybe just a little? I would think so but that’s just me. Here is more commentary from twitter…

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Mr. Dowley brings further smarts to the table. But I then retort that while it incentivizes (is this an actual word) the away team, and that’s all that it really does, it takes away a bit of the home field advantage.

Personally, I feel as if home field advantage isn’t as strong as instrument as many people would have you believe. That’s just me. I haven’t been around soccer as much and I could be very wrong. I haven’t seen a lot of data on it and I would be more than happy to change my mind. But I feel that we should want to see teams at home with the better opportunities to win these games.

I don’t mean to say that I disagree 100% with either Conor or Marc. Their both exceptionally intelligent guys that know a ton about their passion. In many respects (really most) they are much more knowledgeable than myself. But I feel like this

I must say I really appreciate Conor and Marc who always are so very generous with their time and courteous enough to explain to me why they disagree with something I wrote or what their opposition is to my statements. You know opposed to just telling me “I’m stupid” or “How wrong crazy ‘ol Harrison is on a specific subjects”. Their mature approach to having this conversation is what really makes me feel comfortable about just throwing my ludicrous and misunderstood thoughts. Big props to them.

Another thought is the fact that out of the 6 playoff games conducted so far only 5 goals were scored, and really only 2 of them have come from visitors in the four-first leg matches. Of those 2, 1 one of them happened to be an own goal. I can certainly see there being an argument for the visiting teams needing to be rewarded for coming out of their element.

That being said there are a lot of variables to consider and you can hardly point to a goals total as definitive proof that you should keep or change the system.  I see arguments both ways on this and it would actually seem like a pretty good time to institute a website first and create a little ballot. Do you like the idea of MLS reinstating a rule about tie breakers and a way goals, or would you just be satistified with the way things around?

At least you don’t have to spend more than 2 hours waiting around on this one….

Should MLS go back to an away goals scored, as a tie-breaker?

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