Nov 11, 2012; Carson, CA, USA; Seattle Sounders forward Fredy Montero (187) moves the ball defended by Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder Christian Wilhelmsson (9) during the second half at the Home Depot Center. The Los Angeles Galaxy defeated the Seattle Sounders 3-1. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-US PRESSWIRE

Leave Fredy Alone!

In my best Chris Crocker voice, LEAVE FREDY ALONE! But, seriously let’s try for a moment to not blame Fredy Montero for what happened last night. I know that everyone’s first instinct, he is a striker and his job is to put balls in the net. But considering the guy got dispossessed faster than a fat bully finding a nerd with a piece of chocolate cake it’s hard to really point the finger and expect that he was going to do more.

The narrative that he had nearly no help on the attacking end is picking up across the media in general and the fingers in turn are pointing at Sigi. Which is where it should go. As pointed out last night by the Extra Time crew, it may not have been the tactics so much as the personnel put out on the pitch. Either way that’s the coaches job, to take the heat off the players.

The other real problem I have with Sigi right now is that I felt he played the game for a small loss/draw the whole way and it made little sense. It’s not that I don’t think playing for a draw on the road is stupid, but the Sounders played very well against LA in every meeting. Accepting a 1-0 loss at any juncture prior to and including half time is not okay.

I get it, 800 minutes is a long time to go without scoring. Being that Fredy was unable to even put together one shot, even one that was off frame, is not good and its what brings some of that frustration from supporters.

He needed to do so much more out there on the pitch and we needed all the more out of him in a tough game. His perofmrance just wasn’t good enough and if you that’s where you want to dish out blame you can certain find some to dish out. But, let’s stop with all this X amount of minutes in the playoffs with out a goal. His performance in RSL was outstanding and a long with Martinez strike is the reason we had a chance to get the hell beat out of us, Sunday night.



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