The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

It’s easy to look at this two-game series as a war. Two monumental franchises with prominent players within MLS and A couple of great battles with two very strong clubs involved. The thing is when you look at any War it’s defined by it’s battles. The problem with using the “This is WAR” mantra in a short time span is that it doesn’t properly articulate the situation.

According to Wikipedia in 9 CE (the alternative naming of the traditional calendar era Anno Domini usually abbreviated AD) in the midst of the very prominent rise of the Roman Empire and during the reign of Tiberius (Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus, step son of Augustus), the second Roman Emperor, there occurred a unique battle for the Romans.

Nearly 100 years after the downfall of Gaul (Westernish Europe) by Julius Ceaser, there arose skirmishes amongst the Germanic tribes of the North East. During this time the new Empire was pushing Eastward and was battling against Illyricum (which is modern day Albania-Crotia). Those skirmishes resulted in Rome re-appropriating Legions XVII, XVIII and XIX to “take care” of the issue.

There are a lot of other details, a cruel villain, of course, and a detained former Germanic son of a chief that was sold away, only to reunite the many different tribes that were at War among themselves. Sounds like an Michael Bay movie, right?

That is all table setting, here is the important thing. There are three legions invading a country that has already experienced tons of losses and years (centuries really) of being dominated and enslaved as a people. But against the odds they took a smattering of warriors defending their homes and over came their huge disadvantage.

See, what I did there. I found an original story that hasn’t been hugely commercialized and used it to show that the Sounders could actually win tonight! How about them apples?  Okay, we get it David vs. Goliath and general stories of over coming odds is kind of a thing this week around the Emerald city.

I think while we are all realistic about the possible out come we all know that this is a crazy game. Coming into our place and fighting against our boys leaves us confident just about any match. I’m not going to be cocky or stupid or say anything that I don’t really believe. But tonight’s game is going to be a good one, regardless of the out come and that’s the attitude we all have to have at this point.


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