Did you know that there are cheerleaders in Volleyball?  I didn’t, at least until I was trying to find a suitable thanksgiving picture. If I wanted a picture of turkey I was stuck deciding between their basketball team or their volleyball team. I figured something resembling something Thanksgiving would be good… maybe this is a fail.

Well, back to soccer. The season is over. Like it or not, it’s done and you can say it wasn’t a good finish and be generally displeased. But, I think that if you are reasonable we can agree that this was a great season for the Sounders.

But with the season being over I’m not really sure where to go from here. There is always things to talk about, so I expect that the blog will still be busy. But, that’s what comes with a sport that’s played year round (speaking to it being played both stateside and abroad). I’m sure there will be rumors galore with Fredy and there is already talk about Jeff Parke returning. I’ve got a few thoughts on all that but at a certain point you just have to let the season be over for the next couple of weeks.

We have a great MLS Cup coming up that, despite us not being apart of it, I’m looking forward too. It’s certainly going to be a great battle and considering Brad Davis is healthy this year and LA is the team a little bit more banged up. It’s going to be fun.

Already around the league we can see some changes brewing. David Hernandez down in Dallas has retired and joined the club in a coaching position, Conor Casey is rumored to be headed to the east coast and of course David Beckham has announced that this is last season in LA and MLS. But, for now, Happy Thanksgiving to you guys and let’s look forward to what is going to be a fun game Dec 1st in Los Angeles.

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