October 28, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder David Beckham (23) gives a hand to Seattle Sounders FC forward Fredy Montero (17) in the first half the Home Depot Center. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

A Few Thoughts on David Beckham Leaving LA

So, not sure you heard,  David Beckham is on his farewell tour down in LA. Crazy, I know, you’re like are you the first one to report this? I’ve got some killer inside sources, but, no. This isn’t brand new news. But, being that I’m the only one on the site that seems to write about MLS I figured I take my own hand at writing a little bit about what that means.

I know immediately people want to look at a possible replacement but I think, just like this past season, it’s good to sit back and take a look at the season, or in Bekcham’s case, What he did during his tenure with the Galaxy.

The Fox Soccer headline “Did the Beckham experiment succeed?” kind of baffled me. My immediate thought is: “of course”. It’s really hard for me to look at it as any thing but a success. I haven’t followed Major League Soccer for the entirety of the league. I remember the ’96 season and the years with Carlos Valderrama I’ve payed attention from 2009 on. But what peeked my attention back with the league WAS Beckham.

I enjoyed soccer, I remember back in 2006 the World Cup DeMarcus Beasley, Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan. Searching for them on Youtube and Google, being amazed with what they were doing. But I never reconnected back with Major League Soccer. I’m not sure why. You could throw out a thousand and one possible reasons. What I do know is that I reacquainted myself once more when David Beckham showed up.

Sure there are a few different reasons that LA fans can be rather unimpressed with his time in So Cal. The injuries, the missed playoffs and CONCACAF opportunities, and the constant rumors of a return to Europe. But I gotta believe that an MLS Cup, Supporter Shield(s) and the 18 goals/48 assists were all worth it.

The biggest thing about this is that his contract was purchased by the League. It’s not as if AEG went and paid the $250 mil for him and it’s a colossal soccer version of Chone Figgins. “Seldom does an athlete redefine a sport and David not only took our franchise to another level but he took our sport to another level,” said Tim Leiweke, president of AEG. This is the equivalent of Peyton Manning going over seas to play Football or Albert Pujols going to Japan to play Baseball.

The rumors of Frank Lampard coming over to “replace him”, in my own thoughts, seems rather odd for the roster make-up. It’s not that it won’t happen or that I know LA’s roster better than others, but considering the depth of LA’s midfield it’s kind of curious. But then again it is Frank Lampard, right? We’ll see what happens as Beckham moves on and if he’ll have a future role with the team as largely been talked about of recent. There are so many rumours flying about in Hollywood that it’s impossible to really see what happens beyond Dec 1st. What we do know is that MLS owes a large debt to David Beckham and the development of US soccer. He came with the league being crap and has left with it… well it’s better than just being crap. I know plenty of people that would complain about it’s current state. But the development that has occurred over the past 6 years is undeniable and he’s had plenty to do with that directly or indirectly.

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