Don Garber, Routine Speeches and Youth Squads

Don Garber giving his state of the League address was… well I guess there were certainly some things to pull out of it, but most of it seemed to be just like any other time he sits down with the media.

A) Cover how any expansion teams coming to the table needs to have a plan for a soccer specific stadium plan. —CHECK

B) Mention David Beckham. —CHECK

C) Give new information, but limit the extent of the details (i.e. early start of the season and new prospective cities). —CHECK

D) Reiterate the need for avoid schedule conflicts just like you have a dozen times over.—CHECK

Honestly it’s pretty easy to rip on Don Garber lately; Thought  have to admit, I certainly do like him and appreciate what he’s done for the league and it’s supporters. Without him it’s very possible that MLS fails 10 years ago. But, the lack of transparency with the disciplinary committee and the general issues with referees, the youth and the reserve league, a long with many issues with money and the league stadium issues. There are plenty issues still out there that he needs to address….

Speaking of the youth and reserve league… one of the often missed notes on Commish Garber’s address is the amount of money that they spend annually on development for MLS. Taken from NBC Sports wrap up.

Garber said the league invests about $20 million in youth development and reserve programs, and said MLS will continue to aggressively invest in those programs, although no return on investment has yet been seen.

I’m not sure if this is a lot or a little. I tend to be a little disappointed with this number because it seems as if it’s a trap. It’d be interesting to see a break down of these numbers. If this is specifically on top of whatever the local clubs put money towards and it’s broken down and disseminated to each team? Maybe there is a minimum that each club is required to put towards their farm development programs, maybe that $20 mil is the combined number of what each team spends.

There is a lot of playing with that money that could occur, so generally it’s impossible to tell if we should be impressed or disappoitned. What is cool is we at least have a rough idea of how MLS is addressing a much needed and talked about issue. So… there is that.


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