A Thought On Allocation Dollars

When talking about allocation dollars and searching how to acquire more, you may have come to find Cameron Dollar.The Seattle Redhawk’s basketball ball coach. He doesn’t have any extra dollars to loan us, that’s just his name. I’m sure there many puns that people come with and more that we could find to have some fun. Though, not likely as many as could be if he wasn’t around so many college athletes. It seems in bad taste to pick on him for money A) being a Seattle U coach and B) because such allegations are taken extremely seriously… isn’t that correct, University of Auburn? That is correct.

Anyways, this one time, I had interesting thought, one that wasn’t originally mine, but was delivered last night on ‘The Best Soccer Show’. I have really enjoyed listening to Jason Davis and Jared DuBois and their thoughts on U.S. Soccer and the MLS over the past year. To be honest it’s one of the reason I’ve been inspired to keep up writing about soccer despite my complete lack of knowledge and general self embarrassment. The show itself is not really slanted towards Seattle and if anything, I feel like maybe they under sell the organization as a whole and what they’ve done to help soccer grow in the US. I digress.

They had an interesting discussion/segment on the CCL , allocation monies and general roster construction. Obviously without having that money on a yearly basis it’s hard for teams like RSL and now San Jose to build their teams towards consistently being a good international squad. One year their going to have that extra money and the next… maybe not. This really hit home to me as a Seattle fan.

Seattle is going to have to figure out how they can build a roster this year without that allocation money for the first time and while it’s a small test it’s a good one for our much beloved front office. But then while we retool, we fight for a CCL spot next year and once we get it, more allocation money and then we have to go and find depth, integrate it, and then hope it melds over the next year when we start competitions. To me that’s stupid. As a whole for MLS that’s stupid. It does the league no good and in general it sets the league back from properly competing in international play.

Just curious, and I maybe stupid and hopefully someone could explain why the current system is better, but I would just rather they increase the cap by an acceptable margin and stop with this whole allocation dollars. It’s rather stupid to me. Teams that suck get more money and teams that are good get more money, but teams in the middle get no money? Yet, they can trade for it? Just a lame and silly system that if the cap was increased would enable teams to gather depth (if they chose) and enable more teams of being prepared to successful compete while in the CCL and upon their arrival to the tournament.

I’m not really so naive that I think the Sounders are going to make it every year or every other year or anything a long those lines. But what I feel should be considered is the fact that my team is going too (and already have) lose some of its top players because they lose the cap “room”. I’m not of the opinion that any team should have any advantage over another within the League. My feeling is directly tied to the CCL and giving an MLS team the best shot at winning it. There are certainly ways that teams can compete in these competitions without having to pay sooo much money in but they have to be frugal and they have to have injuries, chemistry, and goals in general, go their way.

I don’t think the Sounders NEED or should have the best shot at winning the MLS Cup or Supporters Shield. I just hate seeing them being forced into situations of making a transaction purely upon the issues of MLS taking away the money. Just a random thought for the night.

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