Yesterday Was Boring, But Something Happened Today!

Yesterday was boring and while I could have probably come up with a way to talk about why Stephen Keel or Ike Opara interested me I blew it off to watch Inglorious Bastards. Seriously, that move is better each time I watch it. But while it was snooze fest yesterday, today turned out to actually be interesting as the Sounders actually consummated the long expected deal between them and the Philadelphia Union for Jeff Parke (aka THE SOUNDER HULK!).

It is sad to see him go because not only is he one of the top-5 defenders in the league I really felt he turned a corner this season. I don’t remember who it was but, during the late season game against Vancouver someone mentioned he had a “Hulk” transforming moment. I don’t remember who he pushed, it wasn’t Darren Mattocks, but it was just a “Hey youuuuuuuu!!!!” “RAGE!!!!!” moment.

I loved it and it seemed like the more and more I specifically watched for it the more and more I saw those moments come out where he went from Jeff Parke to ‘Sounder Hulk’. He would be having good games and then just out of no where he would take it upon himself to single handedly hold down the backline in that time of need. Those are the moments that in my mind have stood out over the last few months and have taken him from being a very good but inconsistent defender to being one of the best in the league.

What is sad is because this season kind of had a slow build up, I feel like most fans missed the brilliance of it all and just how good he really was at the end of the season. Behind Omar Gonzalez, Sportings Matt Besler and Quakes Victor Benendez (maybe… Nat Boarchers too), Jeff Parke has entered into the top tier of centrebacks in the league.

The Sounders obviously got an assumed chunk bit unknown amount of allocation money a long with a supplemental draft pick (#43 overall, as I understand it). The draft pick is mildly interesting if only because it gives the Sounders an added opportunity to find someone cheap that can come in and possibly, if nothing else, become some added depth.The big deal of course is the allocation money. Though I don’t see how you can become too involved with it because the amount is unknown. Though Jeremiah Oshan took a rough guess on Sounder[at]Heart, thinking it may have been around 75k.

This is obviously the first of many off-season moves for the club as they attempt to get under the cap and even with moving Parke they are likely still not entirely there. It’s interesting how contrasting two teams such as Salt Lake and Seattle have gone about their off-season despite being in the same boat. RSL has been quick to go about rebuilding their team through trades and preparing for the incoming transfer window gathering plenty of allocation dollars—obviously looking to improve on their situation of not scoring goals, while the Sounders have been methodical and calculating with their first real move of the winter.

It’s hard to say where things are going to go from here, but as I’ve already mentioned I like the idea of resigning Mike Seamon this week being that it can be done without the 105% bonafide contract. Contrary to popular belief I actually do like Seamon for some unknown reason and it’s not an otherwise obligation and/or peculiar bet an attempt to mention him more than 10 times this month. Actually I think that may be weirder than thinking of Seamon as a player of value.

Anyways, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Adrian and co. have in store for us.Obviously they’re going to have to bring some depth to the back line somewhere and some how. I would wager a guess we all will know more about that by next Saturday in the meantime we can all just sit and feast upon the fake transfer rumours of Joan Verdu. Silly Season has arrived!


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