Two New Sounders Rumours

So out with the old and in with the new . If junior high taught us anything it’s simply that we all want to gossip and rumours about things that are likely untrue to begin with. I can’t confirm the validity of either of these things but what’s great is I’m not a journalist. So screw it all.

The first rumour was pointed out on twitter. During the latest podcast ‘ExtraTimeRadio‘ (recorded two days ago) it’s briefly mentioned by guest and ESPN Deportes’ own John Sutcliffe. After being introduced he was asked about his job as a NFL sideline reporter and Sutcliffe followed up with this at the 32:07 mark:

“Yea, I do sideline for ESPN deportes while at Foxboro I was told that the US might choose this stadium or Seattle in march to play against the US. Do you have any information for me?”

Obviously he’s talking about the US World Cup Qualifiers against Costa Rica scheduled for the 22nd of March. Obviously there was talk about Adrian Hanuaer talking about the availability of the facilities there at CentruyLink, so it’s a long shot but really it’s just nice to be nominated and considered.

The thing that gets old is all the talk that surrounds the CLink with the Turf field. It doesn’t make sense to build a soccer specific stadium, and due to the restrictions with the Seahawks, they obviously aren’t going to get grass. But people that just go ahead lump the Sounders in with college teams and other facilities that use turf and do so with poor pitches really aren’t doing justice to all the work the front office has put into with the new field.

I get that it’s easy just to push it aside because it’s not grass but considering the very highend spending that the club has made trying to emulate and create the best possible environment that can be made I think it’s fair to consider Seattle. I get that there are better facilities and I’d never argue that. I think having the last qualifier at LiveStrong Park was an absolute success and I’m not against having more or even the lump sum of them there. But when the cold weather comes around it’s within our advantage to play in more northern stadiums where the weather is a bigger factor.  I could go on and on but likely the people that oppose me aren’t going to read it and that just leaves the choir and I’m sure I’ve already met my ‘amen’ quota at this point.

The next little tid bit is very small but it looks like the Sounders could be taking a look into the Ascenso MX for a possible 3rd Centreback. José David Velásquez was the target of a tweet from @LegionCatracha  implying that the Sounders could be looking to bring his services to MLS. There isn’t a lot there right now and it looks like I’m about 10 minutes behind sounder[at]heart with getting this up there. So screw it they probably have more news on this than I do… you know since they do this for a living.

There was the running joke before about how many Honduras Olympians they were trying to acquire… that joke kind of got real. But an interesting through is for how cheap they are bringing in these talents. Sure the team may have to pay some sort of transfer fee, but if they are only paying them 50 or even 75k it’s a much cheaper replacement option than looking internally through the rest of the league. Our front office is smarter than yours.



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