NEWS! And Links! And Opionions… Crap Today Was Busy

Okay, I’d love to write a rather lengthy piece on just about every little piece of news that came out today, but that’s really not A) convenient and B) possible. I’m so excited I actually nearly miss spelled lengthy. True story.

Okay, let’s get to the meat and potatoes. You know that young U-20 defender/midfielder Mobi Fehr that MLS was planning on auctioning off today? Well, Portland won his rights… big shock with 83% chance. They lost a lot the last two years, MLS had to give them something.  Yes, he would have been nice depth and a young connection to a player with a possible shot with the US soccer, but let’s face it–it was a bigger win for the Timber than it really would have been for us. Moving on…

Sounders open up with the first game of the year at home, again, March 2nd, against the might Montreal Impact or otherwise known Impact de Montréal, for you french speakin’ folk.I think it’s pretty keen that MLS continues to gift us with openers in our back yard. Really, I do think that we get little “gifts” –if you will– for being what we are in terms of supporters. Plenty of clubs out there have a lot of good supporters groups. But none do what we do on the same level to support our Sounders. Someone should really send a fruit basket.

Of course you’ll also remember that sometime, in and around then (can’t remember and I’m not going to look), the Sounders also will look forward to having a CCL match or two sprinkled in there sometime during the mid-week. It should be really interesting to see the depth of this team tested so early considering the lack of allocation money this club has at the present. Sammy Ochoa and David Estrada, get ready to see some time on the pitch!

On a side note with all the talk of getting a couple of players from the Honduras national team and the fact they’ll have training–as well as the hexagonal going on during that time–it should be really interesting to see how that affects Mario Martinez and  Wilmer Crisanto place on this squad.

Speaking of Crisanto, It’s just looking more and more like he’s headed to Seattle. I’m not going to lie, I’m confused as all get out, how the transfer window works in regards to international play and how the situations like Juninho Pernambucano signing with the Red Bulls and Sporting KC announcing their newest DP in Claudio Bieler. Why haven’t we heard more about Crisanto and his contract details?

Forgive me I’m a bit impatient.

There was a cool little picture, in case you hadn’t noticed it up in the ‘HUB’, of Osvaldo Alonso wearing the West Ham colours while in training. Word is he’ll be there for a week and opposed to popular belief this is reported as just a training stint. I’m personally of the belief that if you are going to sell on Alonso you do it now, but, while no one is irreplaceable, you’re not going to get a player of his caliber, doing what he is doing right now, for how much he’s doing.

If you had an opportunity to go and read some Matt Doyle’s piece on the Sounders season in review up on, it’s very apparent that Alonso is the best defensive midfielder in the league right now and considering that his contract goes until 2014. Meaning that this is the point where if you were to going to make some money on a transfer fee this is where you do it. The unfortunate truth is that it may hurt you in the short run, though, it will (hopefully) help you (financially) in the long run.

The big problem with a supposed exit by Ozzie is the lack of room for an additional DP to take his spot. I mean, the hole that would be at the position would be glairing. I couldn’t imagine finding anyone short of a DP quality player to fill in… I can see the Sounders making move because it’s what is best for Ozzie and it potentially could help the team. But… Ugh… the hole.

A thought did creep into my mind. Ozzie heading out could lend the Sounders to more of a 4-3-2-1 style of play. With Steve Zakuani/Martinez and Fredy Montero playing kind of a subdued attacking mid type role below Eddie Johnson with a midfield comprised of Evans, Tiffert and Rosales. It would be a complete in your face attacking game, but we have the pieces. Maybe you also sell off Montero and you use Zakuani and Rosales along with Johnson up front in a true 4-3-3 style. I don’t know. Again, I’m just spitballing.

This isn’t exactly Sigi style, he seems to love the central defensive midfielder and I’d be shocked to really see this many guys forward at one time on a consistent basis. But I think that the one thing that I’ve truly learned about this front office and coaching staff is they are willing to do and consider a lot to bring us a trophy or two.

Alright… ugh… I think, I pretty much covered everything out there today.

Oh and for all those Colombians that keep flooding my e-mail with hate mail, I still don’t think Montero’s headed down there, you don’t have the money to pay for him and your media sensationalizes everything. Keep hitting my site, I don’t get paid for it but if you keep spamming me one day I might.


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