Gale Agbossoumonde Is An Incredible Name

There is just so much transparency in MLS it’s sometimes uncanny to me. </sarcasm>

Okay, so this past week I–as well as other site, briefly mentioned the young 17-year old defender Mobi Fehr and the Sounders interest in him through the lottery that took place with MLS. I mean, wheather you saw him as a defensive midfielder or someone on the back line, he’s cheap with worlds of talent.

Apparently he wasn’t the only one that recently signed with MLS. Gale Agbossoumonde, formerly of the Carolina Redhawks and a USMNT U-23 prospect showed up on the scene. He was quietly put through a lottery today, which the Sounders also had vested interest.

Honestly, despite all the hype surrounding Fehr, Agbossoumonde (try saying that five times fast) is and really would have been the bigger get. He may not be quiet ready for first team but he is obvious depth that could function as a 3rd or 4th center back option and very possibly a lot more in the near future.

His rights were won by Toronto FC so it’s obviously useless to really speculate at this point how helpful he would have been. The Sounders only had a 5% chance of nabbing him so it’s not as if we really got robbed but losing out on two cheap solid prospects this week is certainly disappointing.

Really, TFC has gotten much better on that back line that was the worst in the league. First with Danny Califf and now with Agbossoumonde. Major win for them.

These are my thoughts, they really aren’t worth much. But here they are.

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