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Jul 18, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Sounders FC forward Roger Levesque (24) chants with the fans after playing in his last professional soccer game during the game between the Seattle Sounders FC and Chelsea FC at CenturyLink Field. Chelsea FC defeated Seattle 4-2. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

I think I’m going to start making this a thing, you know to where I don’t really write on the weekends and I do a whole sum up for Monday morning. Not that there is really anything to “sum up”. The Sounders still haven’t made a move there is only more speculation and now it also includes Mauro Rosales. Silly season, indeed!

So with the problem of there being no real information to review, you can just read me rant a little bit. Sounds exciting, huh! Well, not really.

There was plans for a couple of different posts that, just in general, didn’t end up having the time nor all the resources to finish off. Hopefully I’ll get everything in the next day or so and I can start deconstructing the Sounders 2012 season as a team. I will say that their home record once a goal was scored was among the very best in the league. The problems, and I don’t know if it’s just a Fredy thing or an offence as a hole thing, is the periods they go dry. They just couldn’t find the net if they fell backwards off a boat into finishing line.

More on that later.



I’ve spent the other parts of things weekend doing some research into the NASL and USL Sounders. Being a Mariner fan it’s fun to look back and recall at the Ruppert Jones, Julio Cruz, Mark Langston’s of the world. Maybe I don’t quite remember them, you know being that they played on the team before I was born–well, Jones and Cruz did–I’d like to be able to look back and see how Fredy Montero’s 48 goals compares to Mickey Cave and his 31 in the late 70′s and early 80′s. What’s funny is you can find all the numbers for the Sounders NASL days.

Unfortunately, I can’t find much in the way of any data for the clubs time in the USL. I’m still sifting through sites and I did find is the page “Seattle Pitch“. It’s been extremely helpful at least documenting notable Sounders–outside of the normal wikipages–and guys that I can at least go through and according to various sites such as Wikipedia use to kind of calculate Sounder appereance and goal records, possibly even assist records too.

I’m sure the club or someone officially has this type of thing already documented but I can’t find it anywhere and so I’m just doing a bit of leg work for my own little kicks. I’ve included a couple of fun quotes from the site below:


Aug 10 - The Sounders have just signed Necaxa (MEX 1st) player Dominic Kinnear. He will be a midfielder and hopefully will fill in that massive hole vacated by the injured Dick McCormick. Kinnear also has 56 caps and 9 goals with the National squad. That makes 3 Sounders on the National team!


Marcus Hahnemann: “Exactly where [I'll be playing], I have no idea. I might be playing in Germany.” The article notes he has dual citizenship (his parents are German-born) and the average salary on a team like Hamburg (I assume Hamburger SV, not St. Pauli Hamburg) is $100,000, probably more than triple the A-League norm.


Jul 31 – Seattle Times coverage includes Danny Jackson‘s visa situation and a wedding for Leighton O’Brien. Seattle P-I coverage discusses the Open Cup match and newcomer Roger Levesque.”


SBNation, WVHooligan and Soccer By Ives all, per usually, been putting together some good Superdraft material. There are also the mock drafts floating about…even some that we written 9 months ago, I suppose… could be vaguely, interesting? I guess.

There is also a various player rankings scale  for some of the available draftees, that is interesting–maybe just to me.


I’m sure you don’t care. but my Cottagers played well but despite that got no points for their effort as Cavern Cottage faithful start to sweat bullets my man Martin Jol calmly reassures everyone–“Fulham is ‘anything but’ relegation fodder”. At least we aren’t the Rangers… amirite?


I’ve got my next picture blog that I’m working on… this one set to more of a Honey Badger theme…


I’m thinking about attending the USMNT game against Canada in Houston at the end of January, really not interested in going by myself though. Need a bit of encouragement. Preferably from fellow Sounder abroad in the south. You know, something.


To all the COLOmbians that still flood this page to mock me and my disbelief that Fredy Montero won’t be a Sounder next season. The guy has a contract here, your team hasn’t paid the–presumed–transfer fee to him there, let’s talk when there is more facts. Until then you just sound ridiculous. Don’t Be a Sepp Blatter to Sounders While Drinking Your Juice in Bogotá.  —That is all.


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