Jan 23rd Update: Playing Catch-up on Montero Loan, Supplemental Draft

First I hate being out of pocket from the blog for this many days. I took the family down to Florida for mine and my Wife’s Wedding Anniversary and as you would expect there just is little time for writing down here.

Just a few thoughts on this past week/weekend:

- The Sounders signed Fredy Montero to an extension and then re-affirmed their entry into a year long loan, as greatly anticipated, with Millionarios. This really hasn’t surprised us as it was really it was beginning to drag out and we’ve even already seen him in uniform with his new club.

The big take away is that he isn’t unhappy with Seattle so much as he just desires to find an opportunity onto his National Team. It’s apparent he wasn’t getting looks while with the Sounders, which is really too bad, and this move gets him much more local press.

The Sounders have shown in the past that they want to put their players in the best position possible and keeping guys happy. I know a lot of people point to how he was used last year and  coming off late in the playoffs for in lieu of David Estrada.

I just don’t buy into all of that. I think it’s more national noise and story line than it’s local truth. We haven’t heard any a long those lines from Joshua Mayers, Jeremiah Oshan, Dave Clark or Don Ruiz. These are guys that are rather plugged in to the club and if there was real friction going on I think we’d know locally rather than hear speculation among the nation media.

The extension that he signed is more about the Sounders maintain their control over his contract while he plays elsewhere. Basically it comes down to the Sounders having leverage when it comes time to sell him off. Whether that be to another South American team, maybe in Argentina or over in Europe.

I wouldn’t expect him to return next year, but that is for speculation later on in the year.

–Yesterday was kind of the “day 2″ of the MLS Draft, as the Sounders had 5 picks in the Supplemental draft. Most of these picks are usually shot in the dart type selections that you hope you get lucky. We’ve seen a few good players come from these types of selections. Usually defenders are the most likely to work out.

But…the Sounders got rather lucky. They found Kevin Durr (who was considered in the top-20 of my big board)  out of USAF Academy. The question of course will be how much can he train and be with the club in associate with his contractual military obligations.

On SounderAtHeart I pointed to the likes of Nick Hill who was drafted in the 7th round back in 2007 out of West Point by the Seattle Mariners. Hill worked his way through various levels in the minor league system while working in the Army Reserves. Then had the rest of his contract canceled in 2009.

Considering the draw down of forces going on across the board in the DoD getting him out of his contract or working with the military shouldn’t be as big of a road block as most think. The big thing will be with the USL/MLS partnership getting him loan deals and getting him opportunities to be on the pitch.

The other pick and one that I’m trying to reserve opinion about is Will Bates. A guy who many thought was going to get a Generation Adidas deal prior to the season is coming into the draft as someone needing knee surgery and it dropped his stock significantly. But that lead to the Sounders nabbing him and adding another steal their already pretty good draft.

I’ll be the first to point out that there has been no forward in the last 5 years that has actually  been “useful” after the 11th overall pick. There have been a few that are marginal but none that have become starters or even consistent rotational players. Mike Fucito is about the closest. So it’ll be interesting to see where this leads.

There are more reports out of the first few days of training camp but I’ll get to that later…

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