Leo Lelis, To The Seattle Sounders On Loan?

We all love rumors. Even those big strong guys that buy nothing but whey protein, like rumors. They just don’t admit it. But in reality there happens to be a 9-year old gossiping little girl inside each of us. So let’s indulge her for a shallow moment!

First of all it’s possible, ever so slightly, that I get 99% of my information from twitter. So if you think this is stuff you heard before, you’re probably right.

According to @chamberiECS, a swell lad, (and following the retweet trail, got it from @FluBase) it would seem that there is a young by the name of Leo Leis, a 20 year-old centreback out of Brazil, headed to Seattle.

The young man hails of Fluminense Football Club as a member of their U-20 roster. There is plenty of talk that he could one day be in the mix for a starting job with the team. But he’s got a ways to go to get there.

Here is a short scouting report on the lad courtsey of footballnewstalent

He is Fluminense’s centre-back. I should say that his performance was full of schoolboy mistakes – lot of bad decisions mostly, with passing, with deciding what to do with the ball etc.

However, he seemed to have the raw materials. If he is to become a good defender he obviously needs to get a coach who can improve the mental side of his game. He is quick, tall, strong.

There is also this video:

It’s tough to find information on these young guys in South America, but what I can surmise is that, again, he’s got plenty of talent but needs refinement.

I’m sure we’ll see an official press release or something should this actually come about. But considering it’s timing and the lack of depth on the club with Patrick Ianni’s injury it’s a little interesting.

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