MLS Players’ Union Release Updated Salaries

Tuesday morning, the MLS Players’ Union released a new database of player salary information via Twitter, providing updated figures as of September 15th. However, most MLS fans know that, with the various Allocation Money figures available to teams, these figures should be taken with a healthy dose of salt.

While most of this information was already readily available to fans back in July, there are a few new faces on the Sounders roster since that release, as well as a couple of pay cuts and raises for a few younger players.

The first new number comes from forward Andy Craven, who has received a bump in pay since July, bringing his total salary from an interesting $50,00.04 to $60,000 even, despite being on the injury list since his MCL sprain on July 17th.

Interestingly enough, Oniel Fisher, who has been a regular starter at left back in recent weeks, had his base salary decreased from $60,000 to $50,000.

Another pay cut came for homegrown player Victor Mansaray, who dropped from $60,000 to $50,000. Mansaray has played only 28 minutes for the senior team so far this season, and has only been in the 18 man squad 6 times.

The most interesting part of today’s announcement was the salary information of the summer signings of Torres, Valdez, and Ivanschitz.

Roman Torres, who unfortunately is out for the rest of the year and likely the start of next season, comes in at a base salary of $438,000 for 2015, and guaranteed compensation of $513,812.50.

Andreas Ivanschitz, who has impressed Sounders fans in the last couple of matches with his crosses and free kicks, comes at a relative bargain of $180,000 in base salary and guaranteed compensation of $201,250,putting him roughly on par with fellow midfielder Erik Friberg.

Nelson Valdez, the newest Designated Player, will take home a base salary of $960,000 and guaranteed compensation of $1,215,000. Valdez has also been a welcome addition to the squad, and has impressed fans with his hustle and strength around the penalty box.

Perhaps the most surprising figure from today came from Montreal, where superstar Didier Drogba will make a base salary of $1,666,668.00 for this season, with a guaranteed compensation of $2,166,668. In contrast, new LA Galaxy star Giovani Dos Santos will make $4,000,008 this season, and a guaranteed compensation of $5,750,008, making him one of the highest players in the league.

You can view the full list of salaries on the union website here: