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Seattle Sounders Fun With Numbers

The Seattle Sounders: Breaking Records and Taking Names

The Seattle Sounders are on track to shatter every offensive record in the franchise’s history. If that is not enough to get you excited to watch this team, then you don’t belong. Seattle is nearly one-third of the way through 2014 and they have already scored 20 goals, have 21 assists, and there are still 25 games to play.

 Clint Dempsey is scoring a goal every 77 minutes

It is just plain fun to look at the projections for what this team is capable of doing in the season. I say this knowing there is the possibility the team will be without at least three of its starters for part of the season, with the recent possibility of a fourth player also being gone. Hey, fans can dream can’t they. The Seattle Sounders are playing ridiculous soccer right now.They sit atop MLS standings  with 19 points from 9 games. The team is expected to have nearly 72 points (71.78) for 2014. This would be the first club record to fall which would have been 63 points in 2011.

The Seattle Sounders have scored half of their 20 goals in the final 3o minutes

The Sounders are also on pace to score many, many goals. 75 to be exact.This would not only be a club record it would also be an MLS record. The San Jose Earthquake hold the previous record with 72 goals in 2012. That same Earthquakes team was on the exact same pace at this point of the season with exactly 20 goals through nine games.

Goals Projections Chart

You can’t score goals without taking shots. Again, this team is leaving nothing to the imagination. Clint Dempsey not only leads the league in goals scored, 8 ,  but also in shots taken, 33. 15 of those shots taken are shots on goal. For perspective Chris Wondowlowski set the record for MLS in 2012 with 27 goals scored in a season. He played a total of 2813 mins in the historic season and took a total of 127 shots. This means he scored a goal for every 104 minutes he played and took a shot nearly every 22 minutes he played. Dempsey on the other hand has played in 571 minutes and scored 8 goals and taken 33 shots. He is scoring a goal every 77 minutes he plays, and takes a shot every 17 minutes. He is playing at a record clip.

The Seattle Sounders as a whole are taking A LOT of shots in their quest to break their own offensive records:

Shots projections

Shots and shots on goal projections for 2014. (By Week)

Regardless of what the final total ends up being, the first 9 games have been unbelievably fun to watch ( Which many are doing). For those who have watched until the end, the Seattle Sounders have scored HALF of their 20 goals in the final 30 minutes of the game. So regardless what the halftime score is, stick around, there is bound to be a Sounders goal in the second half.


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