A Scarf’s Tale

I woke up to the muffled sounds of excitement. Soon I would be pulled from my folded spot in a plastic tub under a bed. I made sure I was ready to support as best I could. I was hastily pulled from the bin and tossed around a neck. With haste we moved outside and I felt the soft drizzle of and cool breeze of a typical game day. As we proceeded to the bus stop where I will meet my fellow scarves You Will Hear Us, ECS Member, and the always sexy, Inaugural Season Ticket Holder, and chat about the upcoming game. I tried to anticipate what knot I would be tied in today. Would it be a Once-around- Knot or the stylish Parisian Knot? My favorite is to let it all hang out and feel the wind whip between my stitching. The journey was quick and I could hear the rising musical bravado of the Sound Wave getting closer. We sat for a while, just listening as the notes reverberated off of 100 year old bricks. It was a perfect fall day as I felt the quickly increasing drip-drop-drip of the rain. After only a short time, we made our way to the front of the line, the screaming the yelling and hooting and the hollering, the chorus “take them all, watch them fall” I could feel my fiber flowing with anticipation.

I was suddenly held high and joined thousands of others making their way through the rising canyon streets to our place of worship. I could see for hundreds of feet as I was carried in procession, seeing my brethren, some thrown over the shoulder some proudly tied in eloquent knots, others draped silkily around a purse. All with one sole purpose of cheering on our rave green lads. As we approached the cathedral more joined our procession while the chorus got louder and louder. I shuttered with excitement as I heard the turnstile click and rose through the hallways of greatness.

In no time at all the most exiting sound reverberated through the seats, a thunderous Boom, Boom, Clap!

I knew my moment was coming, I couldn’t let me team down, “stay calm, perform in the moment” I repeated to myself over and over.

It was upon us, the moment every scarf dreams of, the electric music cascading through the stands, as I am I held high with pride, all 40,000 scarves screaming in unison the moment you exist for as the boys in green begin their journey to victory.



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