Match Review: Live Blogging Of The Craptistic Last Game of The Season.

Well, I’m not doing anything for the next 90 minutes… I think I’ll live blog this thing… in other words. I’m going to write what comes to me over the next 90 minute.


1: Taylor Twellmen thinks this is a more important game to LA than Seattle… haha… that’s funny.

2: New commentary drinking game. Drink every time someone talks about Seattle having issues with Set pieces.

2: Uncanny, Taylor falls right into my trap mentioning a dangerous set piece after Alonso takes out Robbie Keane. Drink!!

4: Holy crap… Saunders with a penalty coming out of his box. What was he thinking?

5: Yes, Marc Burch is taking the free kick outside the 18 yard line. That’s exactly who I want to take free kicks in goal scoring opportunities.

6: Amazing save by Saunders but how passive did Landon Donavan look. It almost was like he had no clue what was going on around him. That could have been the Donavan face. Which really doesn’t sound as good as Duce face. How does Landon Donavan not have a cool sounding name? Oh, yeah because he’s been held for a kings ransom for the past 3 years by MLS. Someone needs to get Liam Neeson on that.

7: Jeff Parke slides and saves an easy goal by Robbie Keane… Parke has been such a beast the last month and really with all the turnover due to injuries has been the staple keeping that back line together.

8: Announcers finally talk about the importance of Seattle winning this game and the possibility of hosting an MLS Cup, no mention of the Champions League, it’s a mind set that needs to change and it starts up in the booth.

9: Another wide run by LA that puts the ball into a dangerous position. I thought the Sounders would be the ones taking advantage of the wide space with LA clogging up the middle. Not so much early.

11: Adam Johansson with an amazing run. I can’t believe Tiffert passed on that opportunity.

12: Jeff Parke.

13: Now we’re talking about Russell Brand and his film credits. They can name all of two, Sarah Marshall and Get Him to The Greek. Which oddly enough were him playing the same character.

Russell Brand. Movie Star. Important Person. Supporter of West Ham. Let us all mock.

13: Jeff Parke just had another moment where he turned into the Hulk again. Unfortunately Eddsion Buddle in returned turned into the Abomination. This could be bad and yet could be very good.

14: Man, this Sounders team just looks really indecisive at this point. They keep making poor passes and changing the point of attack only to make a bad through ball. A little frustrating.

15: Sounders with a legit counter attack that ended, again, simply lacking execution. Good run by the honey badger.

16: Eddie Johnson run personifies this Sounders attack. Just can’t decide what to do and no one moving for him. Needed help there and didn’t get it.

18: David Beckham with great service to Robbie Keane, I can’t believe they didn’t score there.

19: Random ball put into the box with no one there and out side runs being made… this game stinks of vintage Sounders playoff mode.

20: Twellman just comes right out and says there is no way LA gets the game. Total corrects his counter part and shuts him down.

21: Liam Neeson, Alexi Lalas Halloween costume/mask idea. Love it.

21: David Beckham brings the conversation back to soccer with an amazing strike that just slices wide. If he wasn’t beckham and he didn’t bend it … it may have gone in the back of the net.

22: Now we get to watch the Sounders try and play some type of possession game. Sigi continues to follow up with what he says he’s going to do. Not sure if they have the pieces to go with this type of attack.

23: Twellman points out the lack of Donavaness in this game. Not so sure that he’s just not playing

23: Mauro Rosales puts a great ball into the middle of EJ and just misses out. All of credit for the service by Rosales will go to him but huge props to Brad Evans to put that ball down the line and see his clear path and movement to the ball to set him up.

24: Eddie Johnson owns Tommy Mayers but Saunders denies the goal. Great service by Marc Burch. A couple of really nice signs of life from the Sounders attack.

25: I made a Marc Burch joke earlier… but I like him as a full back more than Leo Gonzalez let that be said. Sure it’s like how do you want to die: hemlock or chugging Bleach? But at least hemlock is fancier.

26: Christian Tiffert and Eddie Johnson are really battling for taking over the complaining/flopping role of Falco. It’s something I’ve missed.

28: I love Sigi but he needs to talk to Charles Barkley about some weight watcher plans.

29: Sounders with some great compact ball movement. I could get use to that.

30: Again, Twellman mentions Donavan isn’t done because he has 14 the assists, second in the league, and has contributed to goals. Yes, that’s pretty definitive production assessment (cue the sarcasm sound effect).

31: Eddieson Buddle almost seems like a more polished version of Sammy Ochoa.

32: Brad Evans destroys Juhnino mid-air. Gets called for the foul but I can’t imagine that he’ll go for a header with Evans in the area again. That was aggressive.

32: Buddle and Keane turn around the penalty on a  quick kick by Bekcham.

33: Montero with an amazing header. Almost had an eat your heart out moment. Soooo very sexy and so very disappointing that it didn’t work.

33: Buddle trying to milk a slip in the box to a penalty. Crowd boo’s per usual. Lame sauce all around.

34: Holy crap, someone just took a killer header down the line….I think it may have been Beckham. Wasn’t really paying attention but that looked like it had to hurt.

35: Donavan puts a ball in just a bit high for Buddle. Crazy close. He’s being a quiet contributor, that’s the second cross in a dangerous position he’s had. I think the announcers are being a bit hard on him.

36: Montero clutching his knee after crashing into Saunders. Galaxy fans boo him as expected.  Saunders is really getting raked over the coals for coming out of his box.

37:  Commentators spark up talk about Champions League, finally.

38: Alonso down for some reason… he’ll be fine.

40: Beckham continues with service into the box. He’s so good.

41: For those that were counting at home we’re now at +4 Lalas jokes.

41: Holy crap, vintage Donovan with a deep run and amazing service to Keane who just isn’t able to finish of the play. Such a difficult one touch goal.

42: I have to say that this has been a rather enjoyable game so far.

43: Eddie Johnson with a hamstring, oh God… it really happened. We forgot about all the injury issues. He had us all falling in love with him and just rope-a-dope’d us.

45: Here comes Ochoa and there goes a sub we didn’t plan on using.

45: So much more pressure on Montero at this point. What are the chances that

45: Wow, what a save by Mayers there. Ochoa had the positioning on him and he just

45: Christian Wilhelmsson with cut inside the box and a good shot on goal but is stopped and covered up by Gspurning. He’s such a stud.




46: Robbie Keane cuts through the Sounders line (with help from Donavan) like butter. But, yet again, can’t finish. This is starting to become like a ticking time bomb.

47: Sounders finally starting to make use of that wide space.

48: Sean Franklin got injured? When did this happen?

48: Donavan with yet another run down the Sounders far flank putting a pass into the middle. Sounders again luck out as there is no one there to finish the play.

49: Johansson with good service into the box for Montero.

51: LA saved from Montero by an offside flag. He had such a great opportunity there.

52: Oh, there goes Parke for Zach Scott… so this seals the deal with the fact that the Galaxy will in fact get a goal tonight.

52: Something happened with Omar Gonzalez and a counter attack. The crowd got loud and so did the announcers. So… something!

53: ROBBIE KEANE…. HOLY CRAP…Someone has a piece of his clothing or hair or something. The guy’s been hexed. How has he not scored?

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54: Montero has a shot blocked but should have seen Ochoa on the far side unmarked. Too bad. Really want to see him do well.

55: Ochoa and Montero work together so much better than Eddie and Montero. That’s probably obvious but there is your obvious statement of the day.

56: Tifferet is upset about someone coming over his back. He just oozzes Flaco sometimes.

57: Sammy Ochoa has something very Herculez Gomez about him. He just doesn’t seem to give up.

58: Now we are talking about how preposterous Taylor Twellman thinks the MLS tie breaking system is and of course  Alexi Lalas disagrees. Their like the odd couple. I think if Fox made that shot I’d actually watch it…. oh, just FYI I don’t watch Fox tv shows until after they are A) complete or B) cancled and still worth watching.

58: We are seeing a real sustained Sounders attack.


59: And…. Alonso drives the ball out of bounds and there goes the sustained attack.

61: Wow, Gspurning just about pulled a Josh Saunders there with catching that ball past his line.

62: We get some shots of Edddie Johnson drinking Gatorade (PAID!) and iced up legs. Whatever… I’ve enjoyed him but he’s not as important as Rosales.

62: There goes Beckham… *phew* now just need Donavan off and they’ll have no service to Keane.

64: Wow, Galaxy supporters are taunting Sounder supporters with “We are Champions”

65: Brad Evans with a wonderful run unmarked and yet again it goes unnoticed. Cue the Dashboard Confessional. This has happened a couple times.

66: Wow, amazing service by Rosales and Hurtado just puts the ball wide. I can’t believe this game is 0-0.  Between the poor markings by Seattles backlines and LA’s inept keeper in Saunders.

68: BREAKING! Gspurning is Twellman’s newcomber of the year. Says he thinks it’s hard to make a case that he’s better than Sporting’s Neilson. I think it’s fair summation. Kind of hard to argue that with out better analytics.

68: ROSALES!!!! COME ON! MAN! What an amazing run and turns the defender around and then gets a great shot on the goal…so disappointing.

70: Rosales with a heck of a save and then just doesn’t give Evans enough room for a run. Another sharp opportunity.

71: The longer this game goes on the better the sounders chances.

72: Hey there is another celebrity shot! Gordon Ramsey! Fox! Hey….

72: Oh good, we were just told that Russell Brand is still at the game. I was worried. You know who’s not here. Beckham… he just left the game.

73: And a subs up for Donavan. This game has Sounders vulture written all over it. They’re so going to get like an 88′ goal and vulture those 3 points at the last second.

75: Oh good more shots on Russell Brand.

76: Crap, Donavan stays Buddle goes. There goes that 3 point theory. Looks like 0-0, draw.

77: Magee with a shot on goal. Seattle d-line sunk back and is playing for a cross into the box.

78: Keane goes down in the box and it scares me every time.

78: Wilhelmsson with a great shot on the volley. Way too close for comfort.

79: “Seattle has done a good job on dangerous set pieces” drink. This game isn’t as fun as I thought.

80: Another very good cross into the box for Montero that gets cleared. Again Twellman takes an opportunity to talk about Josh Saunders and his lack of confidence. That should be a drinking game in and of itself.

82: Saunders comes out of the box to clear a through ball on an amazing run by Evans who sneaks past the Galaxy line.


82: Really would have liked to see Mario Martinez in this game but it’s good to see Zak in there.

83: And…. there is the Galaxy with the possession game. They do it better than Seattle.

83: CRAP, crap, CRAPPPPPPPPP!!!!!

84: I see the Galaxy copy the

85: That goal was set up brilliantly.

85: Seattle is playing with a fire… finally.

85: Oooooooo here comes the Honey badger. He scoops up a couple of free balls in the middle.

86: Zakuani with some movements.

87: Galaxy playing their Latin America time wasting tactics with long kicks to no one and high pressure. Is this a CCL match?

88: Free kick for Seattle after Alonso is fouled… could be a chance, right? Nah…

89: And Fredy has a perfect opportunity to bring parity that he absolutely flubs…

90: Woah….. two cards between Alonso and Marccelo.

90:  Now with 3 minutes of stoppage time we’re going to watch the Galaxy just kick the ball back and forth.

90: A foul just outside the box. JUST outside the box. Zach Scott, maybe you should go argue or try again. I bet you can still earn a red or a penalty in the box.

90: GOAL!

90: No goal.

90:  Off-sides.

90: Wait… hand ball I guess.

90: Well… there you go Seattle is done and they finish 3rd and with their worst road record in franchise history. Sweet, but not really.

There is a lot to say and that can be said but we start fresh .

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