Nov 2, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Real Salt Lake goalkeeper Nick Rimando (18) collides with Seattle Sounders FC midfielder Christian Tiffert (13) during the 2nd half at CenturyLink Field. The game was a draw, 0-0. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-US PRESSWIRE

Match Review: Sounders Don't Score; Draw Real Salt Lake

I get it, Rimando and the back line of RSL had just an amazing game. There was little feeling in the second half that the Sounders were going to be able to puncture that brick wall that was layed in the first half. They put it together and there was a complete feeling of just futility. Regardless of how good they were going to be it just wasn’t going to matter.

And enough of just talking about Rimando being the soul reason that the Sounders didn’t win the game. Let’s face facts and in just in the second half there was 5 shots that went off goal just in the second half, not to mention the Justin Smoak like moment by David Estrada, though I suppose at least he made an attempt and just missed.

It became a mental issue in the second half. that worries me more than having to win a game in Rio Tinto. I believe that Sounders can head down to Salt Lake City and take a game. Especially with all the emotional fireworks that are light and ready set the pitch a blaze.

The possibility of having Eddie Johnson back is huge. No denying that. But when you start talking about mental problems and blocks that you create yourself are certainly a matter of the individual(s) getting beyond it.

The Sounders have everything they need to be successful next week. Their defence was surperb  Parke had a couple of Hulk moments and Jhon Kennedy Hurtado was everything the Sounders needed from the middle of their back line. His physical style of play and making adjustments on the counter attacks were impressive.

And while we’re on the issue of the back line, let me just say I’m a fan of Marc Burch. Granted he’s got holes in his games, but offensively he’s shown an ability  compliment to Adam Johansson on the other side of the pitch. His game isn’t nearly as complete as Johansson and I’m not saying that it is. But watching him the last few weeks as he’s step into the role of the injured Leo Gonzalez I just feel as if he’s the poor man’s version of Johansson and I have to admit that I’ve been rather surprised and wondering where is the love for him.

The real key to next week is eerily similar to the often repeated FIFA 13 saying. It very well could come down to which goal keeper is off his game. Gspurning is a great keeper but he gives us all heart attack moments, over and over again. Just like Nick Rimando you have to wonder how much longer he’s going to have that fairy dust.

I mentioned a hex bag being in placed in Robbie Keane’s locker. It’s very possible the favor was returned to the Sounders last night. It’s just simply amazing all the way around that neither team has scored and that we’re sitting at 3 straight games with no score.

Emotion is going to be reaching a new level. We saw how players were scrapping at each other last night after the whistle was blown, signifying the end of the match. No doubt that Thursday is going to be a lot of fun and while it would seem important for the Sounders to score, retrospectively, at this point, it wouldn’t seem as if it was necessarily imperative.

The one thing we know about the game for sure coming next week. The atmosphere for this game is going to be electric. Again, this is going to be a lot of fun.


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