Sep 22, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; The Seattle Sounders FC starting eleven prior to the game against the San Jose Earthquakes at CenturyLink Field. San Jose defeated Seattle 2-1. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-US PRESSWIRE

Should The Sounders "Shake Up" The Roster If They Lose Against RSL?

This is a weird thing to write about a couple of hours prior to the start of possibly the most important MLS playoff game in franchise history. It’s been a short history but considering their terrible luck this maybe their best chance at getting past the two-leg series and into a conference championship. A game that, if they won today, they would host against LA and could be considered their most successful MLS campaign.

But already there is speculation pertaining to the fall out of a potential loss. Brad Evans told reporter and SounderAtHeart blogger Jeremiah Oshan “We’ve talked about it for a number of years that if we don’t get it done this year, then things are going to change”.

I’m not sure what “blowing it up” would all entail though, that’s not what Evan says, it’s largely been the conjecture Surrounding the club.   The Nos Audietis podcast with Oshan and Aaron Campeauu mentioned the possibility of Mauro Rosales not returning and I’ve heard speculation from other locations about the possibility of Seattle selling high on Fredy Montero. 

Brad Evans, who was quoted above is also coming up on the end of his contract with Seattle and his versatility as well as his leadership and general skillset has been highly valued by the Sounders. It’s a wonder if they’ll be able to adequately compensate him compared to other clubs that have more cap space. Especially consider the Steve Zakuani‘s return, Andy Rose + Alex Caskey‘s  rise to usefulness and the continuing issue of Mario Martinez and his lack of a role.

There are certainly individuals who are going to have their roster spots reevaluated and looked at with the continued loss of cap space. But if the Sounders were to lose tonight what exactly gets blown up? That already isn’t being considered and talked about?

Fredy has been discussed at just about every open transfer window for the past two years, Rosales has injury issues that are going to need him to even evaluate where or not he’ll even return back to playing and we’ve already mentioned the impending decision that the Sounders are going to be forced into making with Brad Evans due to his contract.

It’s easy to look at the off-season and even become excited about certain things that are unknown. But it’s speculation to say that the Sounders will blow it up and really it’s boarder line incompetent for them to do so outside of the three we’ve already talked about. Them getting rid of Ozzie, EJ, Zakuani, Tiffert, Parke, Hurtado… that just wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

The Sounders already have a pretty good core group of guys on the roster that are either in their prime now or just hitting it. They largely know what their roster is going to consist of next year and I can’t see that changing emphatically over one disappointing out come, even if it’s the same one disappointing out come 4 years in a row.

That’s just my 2 cents. Think what you like.

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