Oct 4, 2011; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Sounders FC forward Fredy Montero (right) and defender Jeff Parke (left) celebrate after Montero scored a goal against the Chicago Fire in the 2nd half at Centurylink Field. Seattle defeated Chicago 2-0. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

MLS Goal Scorers And Fredy Montero

So I’ll kind of touch on all the craziness that is following the Fredy Montero loan speak and the cheers about “finally getting someone who can score in the playoffs”. But before everyone is so quick to cast ol’ Fredy aside (I know on the other end there are others holding on and I’ll talk about you too) I think there are some interesting thoughts that need to be put forth here.

First off, I ask that you forgive me for the quality of these pictures. I would normally just paste the tables in javascript, but then again Fansided has the worst wordpress plugins. But then again I’m not going to take time out in effort to fix them… so it is what it is… just forgive it and press on.

You can see below that since coming into the league Fredy Montero has been one of the most prolific goal scorers in MLS. If you count goals scored across all competition Wondolowski starts to lose breathing room sticking at 66, as Fredy jumps all the way to 60.


Despite all of his defects–and supposed laziness in the field, he has been clinical with putting the ball in the net. As much so as anyone else over the course of the past 4 years. People talk about the all-time MLS goal scoring record not being broken for a while but had and should Montero even think about changing his mind, that record is purely his to claim. Yes, you could get a more accurate break down of the “best” and most lethal scorers in the league if looked at goals scored per 90 minutes and really even then there would be arguments and better means to make discernment. But that’s missing the point; it isn’t to define the best, rather, simply to show that Montero deserves to be placed among the elite class of the league.

This isn’t who is the best or any of that. It’s to show what most of us already know. We’re losing a heck of a guy on the field. Forget about trying to properly articulate the production that he brings or put into context how he improves the squad as a whole just being on the field. The guy is good. End of story.

Well… most of the story.

This is for all of you that will forever hold Montero’s name in infamy. It’s true. that big 0 next to him and his 830 minutes is telling and bruise on the heart of all those that fly that great green presidential flag. But you can see that Kei Kamara has had similar issues and despite all his success de Rosario has had problems even leading his club to the playoffs in the last four years despite tours with Houston, Toronto and New York. It’s too bad about his injury because I think that they would have given Houston a real run for their money with him on the pitch and Andy Najar not having a complete melt down.

But getting back on track; outside of perhaps the Kobe Bryant of MLS, Landon Donovan, you have a group that have been assuredly underwhelming in the playoffs. Conor Casey helped his club to a MLS Cup in 2010 but wasn’t necessarily pivotal or dominating.

You can point back to the last four years and see four years of the LA Galaxy being very, very good and think that it’s about star power. But really 8 years ago when they acquired their home town star at the sprie age of 22 he was there to help get the organization back over the hump and lead them to more MLS Championships. He did the first year he arrived and then, slowly they fell away and from 2006 to 2008 spent time at the bottom of the table.

The prime years of one the best player in US Soccer history and his club spent it at the bottom.

This is a reminder that good players don’t always equal goals and good players don’t always equal wins. It takes a complete team to win and 11 guys that want to play a team game to win consistently. Montero’s issues in the playoffs are frustrating but there was so much effort and really could have had 2 or 3 goals by himself against Salt Lake. Not to mention another good opportunity in LA.

I’m really not one way or another for Montero staying or going. I see the benefits to both and I’m content to see what the front office has planned. Not just for the immediate future but also for what will surely unfold over the course of the season.Having the attitude that we’re losing a guy that isn’t going to help us in the playoffs is crazy talk and should be checked at the door of sanity.





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