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Dear, Dave Tenney... Wanna Have A Conversation?

I’ll be the first to admit, I kind of read too much into things than I should. I also get far more excited about little news and far less excited about large news. It’s a real issue of trying to properly asses and determine excitement and emotion. It’s why no one in my family should really drink, yet, they all do anyways…

You may or may not have seen the Q&A from the end of year business meeting has been posted to the Sounders FC site. It probably isn’t much a big deal being that or people stuck in Alabama, like I-don’t-know… me, this is a very awesome thing.

But, I always look for little irregularities, I guess.

Irregularities, you may say? Such as…what? Well… such as talking about Sports Science and soccer.


Q. What investments were made in sports medicine and training technology and have those investments had intended results?

A. Fitness Coach Dave Tenney and the rest of the coaching staff implemented the Catapult GPS program which measures player movement in games and practice, as well as the OmegaWave technology that tests players’ heart rate and analytics before and after playing. General Manager Adrian Hanauer is committed to integrating sports science into the team’s strategy, stressing the importance of “uncovering every rock and making sure we’ve provided every possible tool and resource to allow everybody to thrive and be successful.”     –

This isn’t really anything new and the Sounders Front Office has long shown a propensity for having an open mind towards technology and it’s usefulness. In an interview just last year Adrian Hanuarer called the lack of replay within the game, the sports “biggest downfall”.

Anyways, the products themselves have been mentioned before by a few different sites. Seattle times has a few mentions from late 2011 and early 2012. And then there was this video done by and regular Matt Gaschk on another product that was first mentioned back in 2009 by the Tacoma News Tribune. Now understand, that just because I say it was first mentioned or such and such said it here… I’m just saying this is the first time I could find it via google. Doesn’t mean someone else didn’t beat them to the article.

But getting back to the point, this is really the first mention of the fitness analysis products in over a year and it kind of repeeks my interest in the subject. I’d be really interested in talking with Coach Tenney about how he uses to gauge players fitness levels and all that Jazz.

Fitness is always something that has me curious. I’m in the military and I am subjected to a Physical Training Test on a semi-annual basis (90+ on a test means I move to 12 month evaluations. USAF!! WHAT. WHAT.). I’ve always wondered what is the standard by which players are examined and pronounced to be “fit”. I realize that it’s a lot of different things that go into it. But it would be cool to just get an idea of what it all consists of and why the Sounders are using both products rather than just going with one. What do they do that they find it helpful to use both.

Anyways, Mr.Tenney, Dave, if you are ever out there and just feeling the need to talk to someone about physical training and need someone to listen. Call me. I’d love to pick your brain and maybe you can care to explain some …. (obviously you can’t get into all) details of what you do. I’d love to sit down and have a conversation, you know talk a little shop. You can reach me either at  farfromport[at] or you can get me at work harrison.crow[at]


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