Jan 11, 2013; Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA; St. John

A Drafting Question

Okay, this is just a thought because it’s like 11 p.m. and there are various responsibilities that I’m socially obligated to comply with first thing tomorrow.

But, here is a question and I’d love to actually get some feed back on this; If the draft comes and the Sounders introduce let’s say… “blank first name”, who has scouting report that reads: A versatile, a centreback that could possibly play some fullback, and is as good on the ball as anyone else in the draft while coupling that with being a good short-medium range passer. Would that make you happy? Is this what the Sounders need?  Are these the skill sets that they should be looking for?

I can tell you that I’m not sold on them going into this draft and simply targeting a handful of guys that can help improve the depth of the backline. Yes, it’s a sufficient need. But, you do still have Jose David Velasquez Colon that will be showing up in the coming weeks as the next #trailist and I’m convinced that there are some really interesting options that are going to indecently drop.

Oh, and if you answered “yes” to those specific needs for centreback. The scouting report in the mold above is something you already have, one, Andrew Duran.Funny how one year and an ACL tear can help you forget.

I’m not saying that Duran is everything or that he’s a proven commodity.I’m just saying that right now he needs to have a chance at that 3rd or 4th spot to enter the year and if you want to draft depth and create some competition you do so in the second round.

I gotta think that a physical ball winner is a cookie cutter build that they are looking for to put up the middle. There are specific things that Sigi Schmid looks for in specific positions. You can see that by how he has built teams in Columbus and how he has done so in Seattle.  Up the middle, physical centrebacks seem to have a soft spot in the mans heart, maybe as much as much as guys who have an innate sense of versatility.

I’m still not sold on that the club will be satisfied with drafting where they are right now. I think they may go after a Ryan Finley, Carlos Alvarez or even a Erik Hurtado-type and there were rumours leaking of just that this afternoon on twitter. Boy, wouldn’t that really piss off every Timber supporter in the state of Oregon. I would love to see Sigi, or whomever, to draft Hurtado if for no other reason than to just stick it to the state below.

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