Aug 27, 2011; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Sounders FC midfielder Lamar Neagle (27) (lower left) and Seattle Sounders FC midfielder Mauro Rosales (10) (lower right) and Seattle Sounders FC midfielder Osvaldo Alonso (6) (top) all celebrate after Neagle scored his 3rd goal of the game against the Columbus Crew at Centurylink Field. Seattle defeated Columbus 6-2. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Lamar Neagle, Sounders Academy... And The Fact There Isn't Much To Talk About

I’ve got about a dozen ideas and I’m currently working on a big… infographic of Sounder formations. Well, by “working at it” I mean I’m going to get started. It’s one of those eventually things that I want to do and I just haven’t forced myself into just yet.  So yeah, there was really not a lot to get into. The senior roster played an 11v11 match, the details of which have yet to trickle out via social media. That just tells me everyone was healthy and there really isn’t going to be much of anything noteworthy to take out of it. At least from our side. The guys got work in and the results aren’t much worth going into.

Opps… I’m wrong, I did see one little leakage from todays internal friend. Ezra Hendrickson mentioned both Eriq Zavaleta and DeAndre Yedlin looking “poor” together. citing their lack of talk and the need to communicate with each other. Outside of that I’m sure there will be more things of note.

The problems between Zavaleta and Yedlin shouldn’t be surprising. They’ve never played before and it’ll take some work for both to become comfortable with one another.

—————Lamar Neagle

It appears that Lamar Neagle has a new number—14. Not the number 1, being that’s the loneliest number. Which kind of makes sense that it’s a goalie number. It’s rather lonesome back there. Especially when the cetrebacks all move up and you’re like… where do I go for friends? But their too far away to really hear you. It’s a mess.

There was a little bit of speculation on what number Neagle was going to have coming into the year after spending last year in Montreal and his old number being taken. And now that concern of worry and bewilderment has been alleviated from our lives. Thank God. It’s really some of the most petty and trivial I’ve heard.

Just in case you live under a rock or something and you hadn’t see it retweeted a HUNDRED times, this was previously worn by both Tyrone Marshall and Michael Tetteh. So… a lot of something has been associated with that number. I don’t know what. But I’m sure whatever it is, it’s plenteous.

—————–Sounders Academy

I’ve been made aware that the Sounders Academy played today.  They I think it was Santa Clara they defeated 2-1, but I can’t find confirmation of that right away. Which is kind of annoying. The internet is so big you’d think they’d have the stuff I’m looking for and then just pull it out and hand it to me. Apparently it’s gone and I’m about too lazy to write out the names of the three who scored. The Sounders deserved that victory and by all accounts, work hard to get it.

I don’t know much about the current academy and though I should responsibly learn more about it. I don’t really care too tonight.

———————-The Rest

That’s about it. I’m just two steps from talking about Ducks in raincoats. I’m seriously tired and I think that this will wrap everything up for the day. Good night.


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