November 8, 2012; Sandy, UT, USA; Real Salt Lake midfielder Will Johnson (8) and Seattle Sounders FC midfielder Mario Martinez (15) battle for the ball during the first half at Rio Tinto Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Mario Martinez Does Interview Before Honduras-US World Cup Qualifier

I’m not going to lie. I don’t speak a lick of Spanish. My Mom, while I was in High School, was convinced I would some day go to law school. So, as a foreign language my Sophomore Year she made me take Latin. I got a D.

Now, we have things like Google Translate. While hardly perfect it does give us some slight insight to international sights that we don’t comprehend. For example, an interview between Sounders Forward/Midfielder Mario Martinez and Kelvin Coello in a Honduras newspaper. Again, the wording is hardly correct and I’m sure there are so many issues with it, “blah blah blah”. Whatever, it’s good stuff. Don’t read it if you don’t want too.

I provided the Google translate version below:



Just have a haircut, floor of his room in the team hotel to meet and discuss the TEN hexagonal and grief to the United States today. In her left hand carrying a red ribbon: “It’s good luck.” Mario Martinez is the man of the left masterful. Heads-up play began with TEN and Mario was uncovered as it does on the left flank.

How do you prepare to face a game like today?
I’m very focused, aware of what is at stake, starting a hex that will be very difficult, we are local and we believe we will make a great game and glad to get out as the hobby.

What feeling do you have to wear the shirt of the national team?
I think it’s like a dream that you have a kid, wear the shirt of the national team is something I would not trade it for the world, priceless dress shirt from H and every time I do I give everything the whole and if possible have to sweat blood. I think playing for my country is the nicest thing ever happened.

In past eras amateur qualifier, will play now. What is the difference?
It’s different, perhaps as an amateur one suffers more than being on the court. Now that I’m here I think of those people in my family …
I give everything, even a lost ball, I focus on winning, there are many things that come to your mind, step happy moments.

What is the key to getting a perfect match?
The concentration will be the key. Play our game, we will try to make a game better than we did against Canada, I hope our afternoon and we have the support of our people.

How do you rate this game?
I’ve always said that for me the most important meeting is coming, now is the U.S., is the game of our lives, every match I face as if it were your last.

People have in mind the 8-1 against Canada. Can you repeat that result?
That’s the idea, to make a great game and perfect, no matter who enter, get the three points and we all as players, fans and coaches be happy.
U.S. Is a giant and is painted?
Respect for them as well for Mexico, but do not minimizarnos because Honduras is a large selection has grown, we must rely on the work of Professor Suárez. I tell people that we will give everything for the shirt of the national team, we will sweat blood to win this game.

What do you imagine the night before the game when you lie down?
You always dream, in my mind I think about scoring and more when the stadium is full to bursting, with your people.

Always celebrate different. If you note, have you thought about how to celebrate?
I have heard that, but I did not change the celebrations, dance whenever scored tip and if I have to score a goal, because it festejaré same, I will try to dance catracho style tip.

Give me three reasons why Honduras must win …
We are local, is the first game of the hexagonal, the fans and we do not know we’re here today and gone tomorrow, we must seize this opportunity and take home the three points.

If there is a penalty in the 90th minute, was tied 0-0, do you dare to cash?
It should not throw no, it would take a lot of confidence and responsibility because it is the game-winner. No doubt you would because it’s for the good of the national team.

What does the red ribbon you have in your hand?
I wear it to protect me from evil, is a belief. I’ve always used in every game and are things you believe.

How long have you use it?
I’ve always used, maybe it’s true or not, but I’m used to using.

A prayer before entering the court …
I never forget God, he is first, then my family and I ask God to be a great game. Health to give to my family, my parents, my children, my brothers, but always always give thanks for the opportunities given to me.

In the U.S. selection of Seattle are two companions, have you talked to them?
Come Eddie Johnson and Brad Evans. With Brad were chatting on twitter, we wish you well and in the end the best man win. They have welcomed me into the team.

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