Feb 13, 2013; Tucson, AZ, USA; Seattle Sounders defender Djimi Traore (50) heads the ball under pressure from New England Revolution midfielder Diego Fagundez (14) during the first half at Kino Sports Complex. Seattle beat New England 2-0. Mandatory Credit: Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Mikaël Silvestre Out, Djimi Traore In

I haven’t really had a chance to hear the presser with Sigi Schmid from earlier today, but from Don Ruiz has it up the blog that Mikaël Silvestre is no longer on trial with the club. I guess that’s not really surprising. After his departure from the Timbers the general vibe was that he wouldn’t remain with the club long, but then again what do I know about vibes? They’re not conerete and if there was one thing I learned today it’s that the most important thing start with a “C” and ends up with an “E” (I promise you, I didn’t make that up…).

Considering Silvestre’s background and general pedigree, it’s not that hard to believe that him hitting the road may be less about his age and ability, and more about how much he would receive in terms of compensation and playing time. I don’t have that on any authority, it’s purely my own conjecture. But it makes sense in my own mind and based off the opinion of most analysts citing his performance in games was average. Though Silvestre holding his own must not be as good as others that are already in camp.

Interesting note is that Seattle actually holds his discovery rights. Maybe the reason he didn’t sign with Portland? Maybe?

A long with the news that Silvestre left training camp, the buzz off social media has Djimi Traore signing with the club. He would presumably be a 3rd centreback, rotating back and forth between Patrick Ianni and Jhon Kennedy Hurtado. You know, once Ianni doesn’t have a broken foot.  That’s still so strange to me.

Having Traore will of course be nice as he will serve the Sounders in terms of some needed veteran depth a long the back line. Most depth back there is comprised of youngsters. I’d make some type of lame movie reference about how their too young to appreciate it, but I feel it would either be lost or just really lame, so I’ll move on. Guys like Dylan Remick, Eriq Zavaleta and Andrew Duran will be around the back line waiting for their opportunity. The addition of Traore will just help pad those guys with experience and prevent a situation where the Sounders have to go immediately to that youth.

A long with being able to play centreback, Traore can fit in on the left side and can help supplement both Marc Burch and Leo Gonzalez as needed. Maybe it would even give the Sounders an opportunity to cut bait with Leo Gonzalez. But again, that’s just me being crazy. Crazy to think that carrying three left backs and a potential fourth seems a bit over kill.
More should be coming to give us a better indication of this club at 30.


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  • AFC

    As an Arsenal fan, I can safely say you dodged a bullet with Silvestre. I wasn’t pleased when we signed him from Man United 5 years ago and United fans said “you’re welcome to him” the day he joined. We buy their rejects like Silvestre, we sell them our best player and captain. Seems fair, huh?. As for Traore, can’t say there’s much to get excited about there either. Shows how bad Silvestre was that he couldn’t even get with an MLS side. No offence intended, but even in your older years, if you can’t sign with an MLS club, chances are you weren’t a good player in the Premier League!

    • Harrison_Crow

      No offence taken. But, this isn’t really a knock on Silvestre so much as the Sounders just don’t have the cash to pay the man what he’s worth. Coming to MLS you’re going to have to take a pay cut and that’s obviously not something the former gunner is going to do.

      That being said, while neither Traore or Silvestre would be very good for the back line of a premier league team—or for that matter even a championship side club—either one is going to be a boost to the Sounders defensive depth.

      • AFC

        I’m sure their experience wouldn’t do any harm. Silvestre has played for a few top clubs in Europe (Inter, United, Arsenal) and both Rennes and Werder Bremen aren’t bad teams either. He won everything possible at United so it won’t hurt having a guy with that sort of experience in the team.

        I know after he left Bremen he trained with Arsenal and United, so he’s been keeping fit!. Traore also has experience of ‘winning’ trophies. Somehow he can boast the League Cup, FA Cup and even the Champions League on his CV, but probably was on the bench for those! haha.

        Anyway, like you say, it would give depth to your squad and as I say, experience. Can’t hurt, just don’t think they’re very good players (certainly in Europe) and at 32 and 35, both are looking for a nice pay cheque before retiring.

        • Harrison_Crow

          Exactly. The problem is with a league like MLS it’s impossible to give them that wage they deserve because of the salary limits.

          It keeps you from acquiring guys like this, that maybe 5 years ago wouldn’t have considered making this sort of move.

          Any other guys that you think could come over in the near future, anyone to keep our eyes on?

          • AFC

            From what I gather, the MLS is a league where either those players that can’t make it in England in the Premier League and perhaps even Championship – League Two (e.g. Luke Rodgers from Notts County – NYRB) go and play. The second option is top players approaching the end of their careers and are struggling to find a top team in Europe. Best examples of that being Beckham at the time of his LA Galaxy transfer, Thierry Henry joining NY and Marquez too.

            Just merely speculating, I could see somebody like Michael Owen joining an MLS club. Big name had a good career, but last few years has been a benchwarmer at United and now even Stoke. If he wants to move to the MLS I am sure there would be suitors. Yesterday when watching Arsenal I was reminded of a former England international – David Bentley. Out of favour at Spurs, he is currently on loan at Blackburn, having been on loan in Russia earlier in the season. His career has hit a brick wall really and a move to MLS would be good for him. So either big names or players who’s careers have gone downhill.

          • Harrison_Crow

            It’s funny that you mention David Bentley, because while watching the FA Cup yesterday and him being mentioned, I kind of wondered if he wouldn’t be an interesting candidate to pursue.

            MLS is becoming less of a place for players to end their career and more of a place were players start. It’s slowly building into becoming a feeder league and that’s the short term goal right now.

            I think the league (as a whole) is on par with NPower League 1 football. There are some teams that could compete upwards into the championship and possibly avoid relegation but as a league we’re not there yet.

            When you look at the league who do you look forward to seeing come to England and which clubs interest you?

          • AFC

            Frank Lampard is the biggest name being linked in the English media with a move across the pond. LA are reportedly very keen. Would be great to see him in the MLS, but if he wants to continue playing for England then he will have to stay in Europe.

            I know he’s 30, but I would like to see Wondolowski get a shot in the Premier League with a club around mid table. I think he’d do well in Premier League. Any of the new recruits such as Espinoza and Shea I will keep my eye on. We’ve had some good players like Dempsey, McBride, Donovan and Bocanegra come over and someone like Eddie Johnson who I thought would be good, but barely played. Add to that list Feilhaber and Beasley (Beasley in the Premier League).

            I keep track of the Chicago Fire as Chicago is the city I’ve been to in the States. I supported the Bears before I visited and being a keen football (soccer) fan, I thought I might as well keep track of how the Fire do. When I was there last year I visited the stadium’s shop, wanted to do a tour but they didn’t have any that day unfortunately. I went back later in the year and unfortunately didn’t get to see a game then either, but I liked the look of Toyota Park, that’s for sure!.

            I loved when Blanco was with the team, he was a great player.

            As for other MLS teams, being a big Arsenal fan, I have to say I have a soft spot for the Red Bulls due to Henry being there. As an Englishman, the Galaxy certainly became the team people here recognised most from the MLS due to Beckham being there, but I kept track of how he did from a distance. So it’s just Chicago and New York that I would watch regularly.

            I did watch Sounders highlights when Freddie Ljungberg played there (Arsenal link again) and I was impressed by the fan base you guys have. Good to see passionate fans, same with the Timbers, they have good fans. I have also seen the Fire’s diehard fans welcome new players at O’Hare airport and stuff, which is pretty cool!.

          • Harrison_Crow

            One thing you can say about MLS, the play may not be equivelent to elsewhere in the world, we certainly have some rabid fanbases!

            Another name to throw on that list of American’s play abroad is Geoff Cameron. He gets overlooked due to playing with a club that is nearly unwatchable, but he’s done really well adjusting to the Premier League.

          • AFC

            Stoke are definitely unwatchable!. They certainly aren’t popular with Arsenal fans, that’s for sure!. I like to look out for any Americans that join English clubs or players from the MLS in general. As the list suggests above, quite a lot have worked hard and been successful in England, not as many flops around. Must admit, I really liked Dempsey at Fulham and would have liked him at Arsenal. Hard seeing him in a Tottenham shirt!