Feb 16, 2013; Tucson, AZ, USA; Seattle Sounders defender Dylan Remick (45) defends Real Salt Lake midfielder David Viana (22) as he dribbles the ball during the second half at Kino Sports Complex. The Seattle Sounders beat Real Salt Lake 2-1. Mandatory Credit: Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Post Game Thoughts: Sounders Defeat Real Salt Lake, Advance To DDC Finals

“This isn’t math, you don’t need to check you’re work. You just have to get the answer.” – Greg Lalas

I completely hate this thought. This is the dominating presence that is current world wide soccer. I know that’s not necessarily condoned  and that everyone is just looking for those 3 points any way possible, but something needs to be said about how you are getting it. At least retrospectively.

On the flip side,  Kevin Bacon and Footloose references by Lalas, sure, I find those acceptable.

Another weird observance with this game, what’s with the old school rock to start the game and coming out of half? Bon Jovi? AC/DC? I guess whatever gets the juices flowing and the guys ready to get out on the field.


A Few Brief Thoughts on Player Performances

Zach Scott – Bad decision making, over aggressive at times, but good defensive placement and good 1v1.Not sure I’m excited about the thought of him playing in lieu of a banged up Ianni. I really hope the Sounders can work something out with Djimi Traore.

Jhon Kennedy Hurtado – Sloppy passes back line and made a few dangerous tackles. Didn’t have his touch. Let’s hope he’s got things worked out.

Leo Gonzalez – I’m often quick to criticize what he does but he looked strong early on and made several good tackles.

Eriq Zavaleta – Very physical. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I kind am.

Dylan Remick -His performance was okay, he gave up a couple of corner kicks on what I considered to be lazy clearances. That’s a big pet peeve of mine and frustrating for a guy that has big time soccer IQ. He was also a little indecisive at times. Overall, I’m a big fan of his. But he’s got some to learn how to put it into practice consistently. Did well against a very promising Lovel Palmer.

Philip Lund -I appreciated his movement and positioning playing up top, that’s really what enabled him to be able to score the easy goal. He was also a solid linking piece in the second half working with Martinez in what seemed at times a sort of rough 4-3-3.

Babayele Sodade – Loved the effort. But he missed a golden opportunity from Caskey. He could be a really interesting guy with a year more of seasoning and some open cup appearances.

Andy Rose – I personally like his ability on the ball and his defensive prowess.

Alex Caskey – Great pass into the box from out wide to Sodade and in general. Good spacing out wide and tracking back on defense. He looked good and it was a positive performance.

Servando Carrasco  – Some good tackles. Was a good defensive fixture. An average performance.

Ashani Fairclough – The Jamacian had a few good clearances and he had a couple of good passes out of the back.

Mario Martinez – I really like him in the middle. I really like his ability to put the ball in the air. I just really like him.

Mauro Rosales – in season form with his crosses. He had a good 4 crosses in the first 30 minutes.

Adam Johansson -Look… rather meh. I wasn’t as down on his year last year as most were but I was left very unimpressed with his performance.

DeAndre Yedlin – Great distribution in general and an exciting pass into the box to Estrada with movement down the right side. This was a performance that is going to have long last impressions. I loved seeing him coupled with Mario Martinez down the right side.

Osvaldo Alonso – So physical, so frustrating, so good defensively, so Honey badger. A couple of decent long shots and set-up the Lund goal.

Brad Evans – I’m not about to criticize his performance, he showed a lot of energy, but I kind of felt he needed to play a bigger role with getting ball up top and  maybe moving the ball more in to the attacking third. Overall he showed a strong leadership performance and he wasn’t by any means bad.

Eddie Johnson – Didn’t seem as dominate in the air as we’re used too. Had a few chances that were of his own making. But nothing really to write home about.

David Estrada – As always he has a good engine. Tracked down some good balls and provided good on the ball pressure from the forward position. But his touch isn’t very good and it’s a reminder that he’s going to have to work hard at putting balls in the net.

Sammy Ochoa – Solid game, good holding skill and always strong on the ball. Typical Ochoa game.

Steve Zakuani – Kind of a quiet game from the left winger, but had a couple of opportunities in the first half. Seems to be healthy and that’s really what’s most important to me, and probably everyone else.

Josh Ford -The goal was a little unlucky as it got past the back line on a deflection and then it was a simple 1 on 1. That stuff is going to happen. Otherwise he performed well despite the immense amount of pressure he was under in the closing minutes.

Michael Gspurning – Gspuring did not really get challenged much. Though, he controlled his line well and had a couple of punches to at least attempt to start something. What else did you expect from the big man?



Obviously, I gotta man love for Mario Martinez, but the guy outside of him that stood out the most to me was Yedlin. Also, really liked the performance from Caskey and Sammy Ochoa is starting to make me consider if he wouldn’t be a better option up top against more physical teams, such as RSL.

The Sounders have now clinched their entrance into the Desert Diamond Final that will be seen on NBC Sports this coming Saturday. My hope and prayer is to find a good place in Santa Barbra, California to watch it.

Strong performance overall as a team and I’m excited about seeing a Red Bulls club on Wednesday… too bad I’ll be in the air headed towards LA while the game is going on… frowny face.

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