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Breaking: Obafemi Martins confirms deal offered, waiting on word from Levante

Per Obafemi Martins has acknowledged an offer has been made by the Seattle Sounders. He says” they have made a good deal … and I am waiting for the Club (Levante) to tell me something. “He goes on to say it would be a good deal for everyone involved, and that he is upset with his current team, Levante

Update: 12:03pm
Levante Coach Juanfran Garcia spoke at a press conference on Tuesday and addressed the rumors of an impending transfer of the club’s striker ,saying of the impending transfer fee for Obafemi Martins, this money would be a “fortune” to the club. But Obafemi is a key player to the organization. The team (Levante) has not yet made a decision on the transfer offer from the Seattle Sounders. Per

Updated 12:25 PM

According to Obafemi Martins the Seattle Sounders have made an offer for the Levante Striker, and is waiting on word from the Levante for final approval.

Updated 1:15 PM

Signs are pointing to Martins joining the Sounders after Levante finishes Europa Cup Play, games are March 7th and 14th. This would mean he would be available for Mar 23 game against San Jose
Updated 1:25 PM
If the translation is correct the only thing holding up the deal at this point is the Levante Club. Per the local Levante Newspaper

Updated 1:51PM

Levante continues to referents their clause about the buyout. Only official word coming from them. The transfer fee is at €3,000,000.

Updated 2:20 PM

Continuing in Levante, seems to be taking hard line stance saying no negotiations, just refer to buyout clause, and taking somewhat of a hard line stance. Who knows, behind closed doors they could be willing to negotiate.

Updated 4:30 PM
With the late hour in Europe it looks as if this is where we will remain today. If anything breaks we will be the first to let you know.
We will update as the situation progresses.

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