Obafemi Martins to Seattle: Confirmed by Levante president



After a long and dramatic journey, the Obafemi Martins transfer will become complete this afternoon. Martins has informed the club the Seattle Sounders will be paying his €3 million buyout clauseto complete the transfer, triggering his immediate release to the Seattle organization. The Levante club president has confirmed the Martins transfer will be completed by this afternoon. First reported by @carlosayats.

The coach Levante also discussed the impending completion of the deal with the press on Monday.

As reported the buyout will be for the full € 3.5 million requested by Levante(€ 3 million transfer fee & €600,000 in taxes)

The transfer instantly makes the Seattle Sounders a front runner to win the MLS cup. They have made three moves over the past month for two all-star caliber players and one World Cup quality player in Martins. The Nigerian born striker has had a resurgence in his career at the age of 28, scoring 7 goals in 20+ games in La Liga this season and two goals in the Europa Cup and is known for his speed, goal scoring abilities, as well as his eccentric and acrobatic goal celebrations.

Martins had not attended regular practice since last Thursday due to a reported gastrointestinal issue. This seems unlikely due to the know known impending completion of the transfer. Martins will be immediately available pending completion of his visa paperwork. It is unlikely, but possible the Sounders could use him in the matchup this weekend with the rival Portland Timbers.

Levante had originally refused to take any transfer fee and then added Seattle must pay taxes included in the transfer. After posturing with legal action to FIFA regarding the transfer, the club has no recourse if the fee is paid. Martins will be summarily released and as previously reported, begin his stint with the Seattle Sounders of MLS.

In the previous handshake agreement which was summarily turned down by the Levante board of directors, the Sounders and Martins had initially agreed to a two year deal with a club option on a third for $2.5 million per year. Currently nothing has been announced by the Sounders organization.

According to plazadeportiva.com and here the buyout was paid at 5:15 pm Madrid time. Parties from both sides met at the league bank to complete the transaction. Martins is expected to arrive in Seattle on Tuesday.

As reported by Jeremiah Oshan Levante has now made it official.

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