Feb 5, 2013, San Pedro Sula, HONDURAS; USA players (from left) Sean Johnson and Maurice Edu and Omar Gonzalez and Michael Bradley and Carlos Bocanegra arrive at training session at Estadio Olimpico in preparation for 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying match against Honduras. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Idea Of Carlos Bocanegra Is Intriguing

You know when you have that specific thought that you’re not sure you want to say it aloud because it could be a little bit crazy and you don’t want to be thought a fool by actually saying?

But then a person that actually knows what they are talking about says it and you are left trying to convince everyone that you thought that the whole time? Well… this is kind of like that.

I’ve been mulling around the idea of what if the Sounders went out and acquired Carlos Bocanegra for the better part of the last two weeks. Really, since I read Matt Gaschk post on Allocation Ranking post acquisition of Shalrie Joseph.

As some know, and the rest of you are now privy to, I’m also a Fulham supporter. While watching Leo Gonzalez and wanting to gouge my eyes out, it struck me that Bocanegra has on a few occasions filled the role of left back.

Sure, he is primarily a centreback and having him slip into a role on a squad where he isn’t necessarily in his best spot doesn’t exactly spell out an enticing opportunity and it only pushes Eriq Zavaleta further down the depth charts. 

There are a lot of various factors that you have to consider and I’m not so bold as to pretend that I know… well, any of them. But, considering his lack of playing time and general holes related to the Sounders in the back defensive 3rd, it stands to reason that there could be potential interest between the two parties.

I’m not trying to randomly put something together in the same vein as a crazy Bleacher Report post or an ill fated attempt at rosterbation. Maybe it makes sense, maybe it doesn’t. The Sounders have a bit of money that may or may not be enough to court a guy who wants to get back into the starting line and play more frequently.

There is enough to at least logically approach this idea. Beyond that, there isn’t much more… for now.

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