July 20, 2011; Carson, CA, USA; Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder David Beckham (23) attempts to tackle Columbus Crew midfielder/forward Robbie Rogers (18) at the Home Depot Center. The LA Galaxy won 1-0. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Robbie Rogers And Adding To The Sounders Attack

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, the Sounders  attack hasn’t exactly been knocking in goals. That’s bad if you are trying to gather points and head towards the playoffs, general silverware and glory.

Now get this, formerly retired forward, Robbie Rogers, recently participated in an open try out/training session for the LA Galaxy. The phrase “the rich, get richer” comes to mind, as the soccer version of the Yankees look to add to their already potent attack.

That could possibly be a stretch as the Chicago Fire still own the rights to him and there is no indication that they are even interested in selling him off, should he venture back to the league. But, the former pupil of Sigi Schmid at least looks or appears semi-interested in a come back.

I suppose with the admission of Jason Collins and his personal life , it lightens the load for the former Columbus Crew player as someone who just came out of the closet recently himself. But, maybe, now a few months later with the situation being what it is and things changing in sports it’s possible that at only 25, that Rogers is testing the water for a return.

Playing a position that obviously is a source of contention for many Sounders fans across the board, he’d be a welcome addition to the club. Not just for his ability to support the attack but more specifically for the creativity in the attacking third and ability to score

It’s  something that the Sounders in general have needed to replace ala Fredy Montero but haven’t quiet been able to harness it between Mario Martinez and Mauro Rosales. Though, admittedly, this isn’t entirely the issue. Having the ability to have someone on the other end to actually put the ball in the back of the net has proven to be rather vital.

The Sounders looking into adding Rogers is hardly a bad thing. They are still looking for someone that can someone help fill the void and if it pushes Caskey further down the bench it can hardly be considered a poor idea. But on the other hand we have to be cognizant that this doesn’t necessarily fix all the problems with the attack.

I honestly don’t think that’s going to be solved by one player. I know we kind of throw that all one Obafemi Martins, but generally speaking there is a lot of things that go into that, not least of which is finishing.

The chances to score have been there time after time for the past 2 months and though we’ve seen some miraculous goals during the CCL, we’ve seen the opposite of results in league play.

The question then naturally follows of if not if it’s smart to get him, at what cost do is he worth it to acquire? Mario Martinez, who has endeared himself on one specific occasion, but has generally been less than spectacular. He also has a loan end mid-season that expires. 

I’m not saying that acquiring Rogers would push Martinez off the club, but you have to at least consider the possibility and likelihood of the result of adding Rogers to the first team.

Lots of things to consider…



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