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Seattle Sounders Defense Will Rise

An article on touting the abilities of Jermaine Defoe and how he will decimate Major League Soccer, took a tiny morsel of the a 17 minute stretch against the Seattle Sounders and multiplied it across the entire season. What does Saturday tell us about Defoe? about the Sounders? Not much. Yes, there was a bad pass by a moderate player, who happened to pass it to one of the best players, subsequently scoring. Mistakes happen, regardless of what level you are at, they happen at the worst of times in every league any of us has ever played in.

Professionals are no different. Look no further than a blooper reel from 2009. it is only 2 minutes long and captures an inordinate amount of bloopers from what is regarded as the best league on earth.

Did the moment, the stage, the limelight get to Marco Pappa? Possibly. It would be unrealistic to think a player who for played in front of an average of 15,000 for the Chicago fire to 25,000 for Heerenveen, to  the  play in a nationally televised, highly anticipated match-up in front of nearly 40,000 fans.  I might be a little nervous too. It just happened that his mistake came in the one part of the field it could not go, and at the absolute worst time.

The defense will bet better. Many on social media were not happy with the performance DeAndre Yedlin and Djimi Traore had on the second goal to Defoe. In their defense there are not man talents like Defoe in this league with the skill and ability to do what he does. However, Yedlin has shown over his young career, he doesn’t make many mistakes twice. This tough mentality should be a strong point for the season as this team will be in the limelight with the star power, and money spent to assemble this roster.



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