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Seattle Sounders Favor Non-Brougham End

Since 2012 the Seattle Sounders have scored 58 goals in CenturyLink Field. While the Sounders enjoy one of the best home crowds in the world, there is only a slight goal diversity of where all those goals are scored within the stadium.

North vs Brougham End

Goals Scored In:
North End
Brougham End
With 58 total goals scored at Century Link Field since 2012
The North End holds a slight advantage over the ravenous Brougham End

By only a slight 2 goal margin the team seems to truly favor the north end. If you notice when Seattle starts games, in over 80% of them, they are starting towards the north end of the stadium. What does it all mean? Nothing much, there isn’t enough goal differential to point to a favorite side of the stadium. Although I would love to point to the Brougham End and say something at this end of the stadium points to the team doing better, sadly this is just not the case.

While the trend might suggest the Sounders are increasingly preferring the southern end of the stadium going from a three goal differential for the north end in 2012 and moving to a one goal differential in favor of the Brougham End in 2013, the current season is off to the favor of the southern end with both goals being scored there in 2014. We are only 2 games into the season and this will be  updated throughout the season for home games.

Yes, it is true there is a home field in playing at CenturyLink Field in front of 40,000 screaming fans, but that is where the advantage appears to end. Although scoring in the Brougham End sure appears to be fun as evidenced here by Obafemi Martins


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