Original Starbucks Sounders Design

Starbucks and Seattle Sounders Join Forces

For many in the Seattle area, coffee is as important as water in their daily diet.Many would rather replace water with their favorite concoction if they are being honest.Before the start of the season Starbucks quietly announced the “Seattle Sounders would be the only ” Major League Soccer franchise to tout their own personal gift card”.

While the original design looked rather plane;

What actually made it to market seemed to have a little bit more sex appeal. Much more in line with the fashion and design expectation the Seattle Sounders have been come to be known for.

starbucks tweet

With the Sounders Kickoff time at 7pm, the forecast calls for cold and rain, a warm beverage on the way to the game sounds like it might be a pretty good way to enjoy the march to the match tomorrow at 6:0o pm. 

pregame forecast




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