Seattle Sounders defender Brad Evans released from USMNT camp

After appearing in the USMNT’s friendly against Iceland, Seattle Sounders defender Brad Evans has been released back to the Seattle Sounders due to injury

The USMNT defeated Iceland last Sunday 3-2 with Seattle Sounders defender Brad Evans seeing time on the field. He was removed from the match after experiencing hamstring tightness. On Tuesday Jurgen Klinsmann released Evans back to the Sounders as a precaution so he doesn’t further injure himself and hamper his training and fitness as the MLS preseason is well underway.

At this point, it’s not worth risking further injury. Klinsmann knows enough about Evans and has seen him play often for club and country. He holds a valuable slot on the roster often as a veteran and leader of the team. The friendlies against Iceland and Canada are primarily used to begin training for the new year with sights on the 2016 Olympics and World Cup qualifying later in the year among other competition.

Historically, the January Camp and subsequent friendlies allow Klinsmann, or other USMNT managers, to evaluate and see in person players he normally doesn’t call into camps or players that rose to the occasion in the previous year. Additionally, veterans like Brad Evans are called into the camp to provide a nice mix of young and more experienced players.

It’s wise for Klinsmann to release Evans back to the Sounders. First, he can get any treatment he may need for his hamstring tightness. Second, Evans now has more time to train and further develop chemistry with the Sounders. The MLS preseason is short compared to other sports, so any extra time with his club teammates is a bonus. With Clint Dempsey not going to the January camp this year, he can start working with the experienced Sounders core as they look to do better in 2016 than 2015.

All in all, it’s not the end of the world Evans was released from the USMNT camp. If anything, it’s better for him, his club, and the USMNT as he will be able to train properly and make sure his injury doesn’t progress from anything more than minor tightness in the hamstring.