Sounders Put Out Next Episode of Year One: Jordan Morris 

The Sounders put out the third episode of the Year One: Jordan Morris documentary on Monday.

The next episode of Year One: Jordan Morris was published by Monday evening. This episode is called a Test of Character and looks at the decision to leave Morris off the United States’ Copa America roster.

“I completely respect his decision. There were a lot of good forwards playing and they are all playing really well and I wish those guys all the best.”
This episode of Year One: Jordan Morris gave us a look at how Morris responded to the controversial decision to leave him off the roster and bring in the likes of Chris Wondolowski instead. The United States might have been able to bring on Jordan Morris in the Colombia game to add a different mentality and spark going forward, but other than that, the United States hasn’t needed Morris at all.

The first two episodes of Year One: Jordan Morris are Welcome Home and A New Beginning. You can watch them by following the hyperlink attached to the them.