Aug 5, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Sounders FC forward Fredy Montero (17) celebrates after scoring a goal against the LA Galaxy during the 2nd half at CenturyLink Field. Seattle defeated Los Angeles 4-0. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Montero Targeted By Millonarios? Playa, Please!

Okay, so there was a couple of different reports have come out; supposedly Fredy Montero is the target of famed Colombian football club Millonarios. They’re a legendary club as far as Colombia is concerned—and I would have to think could draw the interest of Montero.

The first report that Millonarios might be interested in Montero came last week, but it only now picked up steam. Montero, 25, has been with Seattle since 2009 and has had 47 goals and 34 assists in 119 regular-season matches. Despite being recognized as one of the top young players in MLS, he has been criticized for a lack of production in the playoffs. – Matt Thacker, Soccer Perspective

It’s interesting that rumours like this are popping out with Joan Verdú in the midst of Sounder-La Liga transfer rumours. I’ll concede, as many have, that Verdú is likely trying to leverage his situation for new contract, being that his current one is about to run out. But with his age and considering the current situation with Espanyol, I would certainly entertain the possibility that the Sounders could have an outside shot of acquiring him.

The problem I have with the transfer rumour of Fredy Montero is that I just don’t see him headed back to the Categoría Primera A. Jeremiah Oshan and Aaron Campeanu talked a bit about him on the latest edition of Nos Audietis (Sounder[at]Heart’s podcast). He has likely 3 years left in his prime. That’s just life and in those years he has to make his money and establish himself within the world of soccer with a chance to peek on a very good club. Why would you take a step back?

It’s clear that Fredy has a few goals going forward. It’s been written in a few different places that he “some day” wants to play in Europe. Going to Columbia now doesn’t make that goal easier. Rather it kind of makes it harder as the time his contract is up or even after a year

It’s also abundantly clear that he also wants a chance at the Colombian National team. Head Coach José Pekerman has continually looked over Montero and generally has discarded MLS as a league. Heading back to Colombia may help him get a bit further on the national radar but the competition isn’t really any stronger and if he wants a real shot at a spot on the team that has a shot at contending for the World Cup in 2014 he needs to get to a more competitive league.

South America has a few leagues, of course most European ones and then maybe like Russia and Turkey have teams that would be good too. There are places for Fredy to go that would certainly help him. Colombia is not one of them.

This doesn’t even talk about the financial problem of Millonarios and the fact that they have had money issues over the last 8 years, including declaring bankruptcy and the selling off of the majority shares to new ownership. There are legitimate question marks as to whether or not they could afford the $4 or $5 million dollars in transfer fees it would likely cost them to acquire Montero from the Sounders.

I’m not even going to lie. The whole contracts thing within MLS and the way Fredy’s deal is set up is confusing as all get up. But how much the team would need in return is the biggest deal breaker in my mind.

There is no reason for the Sounders to really boot Fredy down to South America to make room for someone else. I’m not going to say that  Verdú wouldn’t be an upgrade but I have serious reservations on whether or not he’s really interested in coming to Sounders FC.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I don’t think Fredy will get a transfer out. The club is going to do what they think makes this team better. If that’s getting extra allocation dollars from selling Montero and finding another DP to take his place, so be it. But I’ll scoff at the transfer to Colombia. I just don’t see it happening right now.


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  • AlejandroPP

    ColOmbia dude, not ColUmbia. A serious journalist should know that.

    • Harrison_Crow

      Certainly no disrespect was intended, purely a Freudian slip as they say. However, calling me a serious journalist is… well generous at very best.

  • Fredy Alexander Bohada Silva

    Como te falta saber de Futbol, por algo la final del campeonato mundial de clubes por lo general es entre Suramericanos y Europeos, y si hubieras estudiado para escribir el Blog, sabras que Millonarios hace 2 años tiene unas finanzas estables, ademas de que esta posible contratacion de la MLS seria la segunda en menos de un año.

    • Harrison_Crow

      “Stable” finances is one thing, able to go out and spend a quarter of the teams worth on a player that has larger aspirations is another. Who am I, I mean Fredy could head back south to home. I suppose it’s just as possible as anything else. I just don’t see it at this point. Maybe in a few years.

  • Harrison_Crow

    Certainly no disrespect was intended when writing and misspelling, but calling me a serious journalist is… well generous.

  • Daniel Yanez

    Colombia….please educate yourselves people….and Freddy will comeback to Colombia……Millonarios of Bogota is one of the biggest clubs in South America and will play the Libertadores which is like the Champions league of South America….and have a great chance and team to win it……Seattle Sounders is a nice little team….but lets be honest Freddy cannot stay….and will not have a chance to get a call up to 5th ranked team in the FIFA world rankings…..Colombia….if he knows whats best for him he will return to Colombia….so his American wife….better get used to Bogota hahaha……and thanks Seattle for treating him well!! now its team to return to the biggest Club in Colombia and one of the top 5 clubs in South America!

  • Millonarios

    Copa Libertadores > Whatever crappy continental cup you play against mexicans and guatemala people.


    Man, its obvius you dont know about soccer in ColOmbia, dont know nooothing about Millos, your wrong in all your statements, Its normal now that a player goes straight from Colombia to Europe,more from a big team or THE BIGGEST , as Millos, the team just played semifinals of sudamerican cup, just won the local championship, and is going to play Libertadores, and to provide you some info, cuz yu dont know about how real things are, Millos isnt broken, actually a player just came from Santos (brasil), and one of our best players (pedro franco) is wanted from Manchester City, Inter, Milan, and some others, so dont think he doesnt has chances to grow here, cuz he has even more in MILLONARIOS, i invite you to learn more about real things……

  • TEXANS611

    sorry to break it to you but this Colombian League that you absolutely know nothing about is ranked at least 10 spots ahead of the MLS and thas not me saying it, check IFHSS or FIFA
    MILLOS> Sounders
    ever heard of DI Stefano look it up you NOOB

  • azul

    The whole deal with Montero is basically almost done and over with and it seems like Montero is going to be happier playing with Millonarios. Thet will be playing Copa Libertadores which is the equivalent of a Champions League in South America so it is obvious Montero would find it more attractive to play there considering a lot of clubs from around the world will be paying attention to this tournament. Why do you think Fredy wouldn’t be able to play with the national team by playing in the Colombian League ? Players such as Macnelly Torres (plays for Atletico Nacional) and Teo Gutierrez (played for Atletico Junior last season) played really well in the WCQ games for Colombia and they play in the Categoria Primera A, so I don’t see why he wouldn’t have a shot at getting called to the National team again if he’s playing top form in Millonarios.

    • Harrison_Crow

      it’s really not about him not getting a call if he’s playing in top form. In reality I just thought it was a very bullish move based upon what information was available.

      I still don’t think it was his best option but then again I don’t know what options that he had and it’s pure conjecture in my mind.

      I see the value of Copa Libertadores. I do. Back in early December when I wrote this I looked at it as “if it’s a short cup run and they get knocked out then he’d be stuck down there it’s less of an opportunity”… that was just my line of thinking.

      Now that you see the group they’ve drawn… it’s a fair chance they might make it past stage 1.

      • Azul

        That’s definitely true, if they don’t make it past the first stage it wouldn’t be of much benefit to him. But seeing as how Millonarios played so well last season in the league and tournaments , I don’t see why they wouldn’t able to do good in Libertadores. The arrival of Montero would also be of great help considering the attacking area was where the struggle came from in the team. All in all it’s better for him to make a move now whether it be a risky one or not because he’s already 25, sooner or later he will reach his peak and getting a spot in the national team is no easy task even more since there are many strong attacking players to chose from in the Colombian for ex. Falcao, Jackson Martinez, Carlos Bacca, Teo G. Just to name a few.