Nov 2, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Sounders FC midfielder Brad Evans (3) dribbles the ball during the game against the Real Salt Lake at CenturyLink Field. The game was a draw, 0-0. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Evans Has Made The National Team, And Everyone Is Excited

Well, maybe not EVERYONE.

And this guess seems very upset and generally feels the need to share it with everyone that might listen.



It’s fun to sit and laugh at these people. We in the northwest get to see a lot of Brad Evans and generally we all know how good he is and what he’s capable of doing out on the pitch. With that in mind I wish to share with you a non-Sounder opinion, taken from the classic site, The Shin Guardian:


Say it with us: Brad Evans deserves to be here. You talk to MLS and national team players and the most popular answer you get when you ask them who the most underrated player in American soccer is and you get Brad Evans. I would say by a plurality of 40% over 20 answers. Evans is not a creator, but he’s, again, your Peanut Buter Guy, Klinsmann’s Spector. He’ll fill in wherever you need him and keep it sticky and smooth.


I think this is what most of us have tried to convey to the rest of the country. He’s not Graham Zusi or, for lack of a more immediate US option, Mauro Rosales. But what he does, he does well.  He is the field general, he’s going to keep things going and he’s going help facilitate things in the attacking 1/3. He may even create some chances from time to time as we saw last Tuesday night.But he’s not that guy that’s a clinical finish, a goalozo waiting to happen or a guy that is going to set-up beautiful goals from nowhere. He’s not flashy.

I get that he wasn’t what everyone wanted to see against Canada, and it’s generally been beat into the ground that he wasn’t very good out there. I think that’s a matter of opinion and personally mine doesn’t seem to mesh with that thought. But that’s fine. I’m not trying to be all Rave Green colored glasses.

You could say that but then again, I wasn’t overly impressed with EJ’s performance. I felt he was way too cautious and generally played reserved. That’s not going to cut it. That’s all besides the point.

Tactical awareness and the general ability to go and carry out the marching orders of the coach, to see his vision, understand it and implement it, is a crucial ability. Evans is that player and the embodiment of his coaches out on the field. It’s why he’s headed towards a life endowed with soccer and it’s why he was selected as a member of this team going to South America.

I believe, one day, that he could become integrated with the Sounders to a point that he is inline to succeed in the linage of Sigi Schmid. Whether or not there are more coaches between Evans and Schmid, I really can’t say. That’s all too far ahead but I see Evans heading in that direction.Similar to Ben Olson and Jason Kries.

It’s easy to make Brad Evans the punchline, after what happened against Canada. But he’s worked incredibly hard and he’s more than what we all saw in that first half Tuesday night. He’s blue collar type of guy. Give him a chance America.



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