Mar 2, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Montreal Impact defender Hassoun Camara (6) steals the ball from Seattle Sounders FC forward Eddie Johnson (7) during the first half at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Sounders Lose 1 - 0 To Impact; Post Game Thoughts On Sounders Players

I’m back and I got a little post game wrap-up here. Tomorrow, I should bring the visuals.



Eddie Johnson (ST) - Had some decent looks but they lack conviction and finishing touch. His smash off the goal was deafening tale of this entire match.

Mauro Rosales (CF) – A very Rosales like performance. Threaded some excellent passes but the Impact’s defense quickly closed in and shut down many of those opportunities.

Mario Martinez  (RM) – Some great crosses, won lots of corner kicks, but just continued to come up short.

Andy Rose (CM) - Quietly had a very good game, unfortunately had an injury in the ’62 minute. Through out the game he stumbled across some lazy passes by the opposing midfield for helpful interceptions and won the ball back regularly early in the first half to continue the pressure upon the Impact back line. Unfortunately came up missing quiet often on Montreal’s counter attacks and seemed to only be helpful to change the point of attack on the other end of the field. Needed more out of him in the future and I think that’s something that could come with time.

Brad Evans (CM) – Evans was, again, per-usual, all over the place with great energy, but maybe making some poor early decisions with his challenges. He received the Sounders first yellow card for the year at the ’17 minute mark, but got forward in a lot of good spots just not able to quiet get on the other end of any dangerous attempts.

Steve Zakuani (LM) – Rust? A bit. But he had a lot of great quick touches and looked at times to be dangerous on the ball. Unfortunately the explosiveness wasn’t there the entire game and looked to get shut down in the second half. He was relieved for, of all people, Sammy Ochoa.

DeAndre Yedlin (RB) – It’s really easy to become very entranced with what this young man is doing out of the back. His interchange with Martinez, Rosales and Zakuani was impressive and very exciting. A lot of people on twitter was calling him the ‘Man of the Match’ for the Sounders. Which is really hard to argue. Adam Johansson, you’re now on notice. The one thing that you could complain about was his decision making and taking advantage by playing quick balls into the box, which he didn’t do early. But the kid just played his first professional game. I’ll go easy on him.

Zach Scott(RCB) - I liked Zach Scott in the first half. No offence to the man, but he was basically invisible. And think that’s the way we all prefer him. There, on the pitch, but unnoticed. Unfortunately he felt the need to make his presence known in the second half where he crippled the left arm (maybe shoulder) of Andy Rose and got beat like a rug in the middle east on a couple of different chances, including a backward directed pass which he just completely miss handled.

Jhon Kennedy Hurtado (LCB) – Was good at times and than others he looked underwhelming. He was lucky (good, maybe) the side judge’s flag worked well against Marcus Di Vaio as he was constantly beat on the counter attack. I felt that he kind of was pressing his luck at times. But then again winning back balls deep in the back against Felipe Martins and Arnaud was huge at times.

Leo Gonzalez (LB) – Got caught out of position on too many different turn overs that left the back side exposed on quick counter attacks. This is nothing new and thethe result of Davy Arnaud is a tad predictable. There was a reason why I advocated lifting him and his 200k commitment out of Seattle. He did have a couple decent passes into the box and at times worked well with Zakuani. But they mostly lack quality and ultimately weren’t very dangerous.

Gspurning (KEEPER) - He was alright. I felt he was a bit off his game. The goal wasn’t entirely his fault as most finger pointing will go to Leo, who got absolutely burned. Yetthe chip by Arnaud felt cheeky and kind of exposed Gspurning’s indecisive approach. But you do have to give a lot of credit to the Impact Captain, it was a heck of a finish.




Alex Caskey (CM – ’62) - Caskey brought a lot of energy and kind has that Brad Evans-ish feel to him. Good work rate, good positioning and much like B-Rad not a lot of luck. He had a nice header

Sammy Ochoa (ST – ’69 ) - What did he do? I felt like nothing, he only had 9 touches. In fairness this is when my feed started to go and I saw maybe 10 of the last 26 minutes. It all seemed underwhelming and brought out the question of why the hell Estrada wasn’t in the 18.

Servando Carrasco (CM – ’84) – Carrasco didn’t do much and didn’t have much time to really work himself into the game. He tried to push the ball wide and was successful doing so. It was an average performance and really you could say one that could definitely be a building block to more time should the injury to Andy Rose be serious.

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